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UNAIDS is hiring multiple Professional vacancies in various locations, x7 jobs are available with a tight deadline, APPLY NOW

UNAIDS is hiring multiple Professional vacancies in various locations, x7 jobs are available with a tight deadline, APPLY NOW


The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) leads and inspires the world to achieve its shared vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. UNAIDS unites the efforts of 11 UN organizations—UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank—and works closely with global and national partners towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.


UNAIDS fulfills its mission by:

  • Uniting the efforts of the United Nations system, civil society, national governments, the private sector, global institutions and people living with and most affected by HIV;
  • Speaking out in solidarity with the people most affected by HIV in defense of human dignity, human rights and gender equality;
  • Mobilizing political, technical, scientific and financial resources and holding ourselves and others accountable for results;
  • Empowering agents of change with strategic information and evidence to influence and ensure that resources are targeted where they deliver the greatest impact and bring about a prevention revolution; and
  • Supporting inclusive country leadership for sustainable responses that are integral to and integrated with national health and development efforts.

UNAIDS’ work plan is currently guided by two main documents: the UNAIDS Strategy 2011-2015: Getting to Zero, and the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS.

The UNAIDS Strategy aims to advance global progress in achieving country set targets for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support and to halt and reverse the spread of HIV, as well as to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development goals by 2015. It provides a roadmap for the Joint Programme, with concrete goals marking milestones on the path to achieving UNAIDS’ vision of “Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths.”

The 2011 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS was adopted by the UN General Assembly in June 2011. The Declaration contains 10 targets including:

1. Reducing sexual transmission
2. Preventing HIV among drug users
3. Eliminating new HIV infections among children
4. 15 million accessing treatment
5. Avoiding TB deaths
6. Closing the resource gap
7. Eliminating gender inequalities
8. Eliminating stigma and discrimination
9. Eliminating travel restrictions
10. Strengthening HIV integration

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The application process for UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) typically consists of the following steps:

  1. Job Search and Identification:
    • UNAIDS posts job openings and internship opportunities on its website ( and various job boards.
    • Candidates can search for relevant positions based on their skills, experience, and career interests.
  2. Online Application:
    • Interested candidates must submit their application through the UNAIDS online application system, which is accessible via the UNAIDS website.
    • The application usually requires the submission of a cover letter, a detailed résumé or CV, and potentially other supporting documents.
  3. Screening and Shortlisting:
    • UNAIDS recruiters will review the applications and shortlist candidates who best match the job requirements and competencies.
    • This may involve an initial screening of qualifications, skills, and relevant experience.
  4. Interviews:
    • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in a series of interviews, which may include a combination of:
      • Telephone/video interviews
      • In-person interviews (if feasible)
      • Competency-based assessments
      • Panel interviews with UNAIDS staff
  5. Reference Checks:
    • UNAIDS may reach out to the candidate’s provided references to verify their work history, skills, and suitability for the role.
  6. Selection and Offer:
    • After the interview process, UNAIDS will select the most qualified candidate and extend a job offer, including details on the compensation package and start date.
  7. Onboarding and Orientation:
    • Once the candidate accepts the offer, they will go through the onboarding and orientation process, which may include:
      • Paperwork and administrative procedures
      • Introductions to the UNAIDS team and familiarization with the organization
      • Training and professional development opportunities

It’s important to note that the specific application process may vary depending on the type of position (e.g., internship, consultant, or full-time employment) and any unique requirements for specific job openings. Candidates are encouraged to closely review the job descriptions and application instructions on the UNAIDS website to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications and follow the correct application procedures.

How to Apply

List of Professional vacancies available at UNAIDS

Officer, Knowledge Management

P2 Fixed-term Appointment, Johannesburg South Africa. Closing Date: 21/06/2024

Officer, ICT Business Intelligence

P3 Fixed-term Appointment, Bonn Germany. Closing Date: 23/06/2024

Services for All Implementation Advisor, Uganda

P4 Fixed-term Appointment, Kampala Uganda. Closing Date: 24/06/2024

Officer, ERA Knowledge Management

P3 Fixed-term Appointment, Johannesburg South Africa. Closing Date: 28/06/2024

Officer, Strategic Information, Kenya

NO-C Fixed-term Appointment, Nairobi Kenya. Closing Date: 01/07/2024

Team Lead, Partnerships for Programme Implementation (PPI)

D1 Fixed-term Appointment, Geneva Switzerland. Closing Date: 05/07/2024

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Officer

P3 Fixed-term Appointment, Bangkok Thailand. Closing Date: 05/07/2024


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