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What is the main purpose of UNESCO?

UNESCO’s mission is to contribute to the building of a culture of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, the sciences, culture, communication and information.


About UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization):


  • UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations, founded in 1945.
  • Its mandate is to contribute to peace and security in the world by promoting international collaboration through education, sciences, and culture.
  • It has 193 member states and 11 associate members.
  • UNESCO’s headquarters are located in Paris, France.

Main Areas of Work:

  • Education: Promoting universal access to quality education, improving learning outcomes, and strengthening education systems.
  • Natural Sciences: Fostering international cooperation in the natural sciences, such as environmental protection, natural disaster mitigation, and sustainable development.
  • Social and Human Sciences: Advancing research and knowledge-sharing in the social and human sciences.
  • Culture: Safeguarding the world’s cultural heritage, promoting cultural diversity, and intercultural dialogue.
  • Communication and Information: Advancing freedom of expression, media development, and access to information and knowledge.

Key Initiatives and Programs:

  • World Heritage Sites: UNESCO designates and manages the World Heritage List of cultural and natural sites of outstanding universal value.
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage: UNESCO safeguards living heritage, such as traditions, performing arts, and traditional craftsmanship.
  • Global Education 2030 Agenda: UNESCO leads the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 on quality education.
  • International Literacy Day, World Teachers’ Day, and other awareness-raising events.
  • UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks: Promoting international cooperation and knowledge-sharing in various academic fields.

Funding and Governance:

  • UNESCO is funded primarily through the contributions of its member states.
  • It is governed by the UNESCO General Conference, which meets every two years, and the UNESCO Executive Board.
  • The Director-General is the chief administrative officer, appointed by the General Conference.

UNESCO plays a crucial role in fostering international cooperation and supporting member states in achieving their education, science, culture, and communication goals. Its work is vital in promoting peace, sustainable development, and intercultural dialogue worldwide.


Why work at UNESCO as an intern ?

Here are some of the key benefits and reasons to consider working as an intern at UNESCO:

  1. Exposure to Global Issues and Initiatives:
    • As an intern at UNESCO, you would have the opportunity to engage with and contribute to addressing some of the most pressing global challenges in education, science, culture, and communication.
    • You would gain exposure to UNESCO’s international and interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving on a global scale.
  2. Hands-on Experience in an International Organization:
    • Interning at UNESCO provides valuable hands-on experience in the inner workings of a specialized agency of the United Nations.
    • You would have the chance to learn about the organizational structure, decision-making processes, and program implementation within a multilateral environment.
  3. Networking and Professional Connections:
    • Working at UNESCO allows you to build a network of professionals from diverse backgrounds and countries, which can be invaluable for your future career development.
    • Interactions with UNESCO staff, partner organizations, and stakeholders can lead to new professional opportunities.
  4. Skill Development and Career Exploration:
    • UNESCO internships offer the chance to develop a wide range of skills, such as research, project management, communication, and cultural sensitivity.
    • The experience can help you explore different aspects of international development, public policy, or the United Nations system, informing your future career path.
  5. Contributing to UNESCO’s Mission:
    • As an intern, you would have the chance to contribute directly to UNESCO’s mission of promoting peace, sustainable development, and intercultural dialogue through your work.
    • The opportunity to make a tangible impact on global issues can be highly rewarding and motivating.
  6. Multicultural and Multilingual Environment:
    • UNESCO’s workforce is highly diverse, with staff from around the world, providing a multicultural and multilingual work environment.
    • This exposure can enhance your cross-cultural communication skills and appreciation for diverse perspectives.
  7. Professional Development and Mentorship:
    • UNESCO internships often include structured training, learning opportunities, and mentorship from experienced professionals.
    • This can support your personal and professional growth, as well as your understanding of the international development sector.

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Application Process for applying for an internship at UNESCO

Here are the key steps in the application process for internships at UNESCO:

  1. Check the UNESCO Internship Programme website:
    • UNESCO posts available internship opportunities on their dedicated internship webpage (https://en.unesco.org/about-us/internships).
    • This is where you can find the latest open internship positions and the corresponding application deadlines.
  2. Review the Eligibility Criteria:
    • UNESCO has specific eligibility requirements for its internship program, such as educational level, field of study, language proficiency, and nationality.
    • Carefully review the criteria to ensure you meet the qualifications for the internship you are interested in.
  3. Prepare Your Application Documents:
    • The required application documents typically include a cover letter, a detailed curriculum vitae (CV), and copies of academic transcripts.
    • You may also be asked to provide a statement of motivation or a sample of your work, depending on the specific internship.
  4. Submit Your Application:
    • The application process is done entirely online through the UNESCO Careers portal.
    • You will need to create an account and complete the online application form, attaching all the required documents.
  5. Selection Process:
    • After the application deadline, UNESCO will review the submissions and shortlist candidates for further consideration.
    • Shortlisted applicants may be invited for an interview, either in-person or via video conference.
    • Final selection decisions are made by the relevant UNESCO department or office.
  6. Notification and Placement:
    • Successful applicants will be notified of their selection and provided with information about the internship placement.
    • UNESCO will work with the selected interns to finalize the logistics, such as start date, duration, and any administrative or financial arrangements.

It’s important to note that the specific application requirements and deadlines may vary depending on the internship position and the UNESCO department or office offering the opportunity. Applicants should carefully review the details for each specific internship they are interested in.


Overall, an internship at UNESCO offers a unique and valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a prestigious international organization, contribute to global initiatives, and enhance your skills and knowledge for a future career in international affairs, development, or the United Nations system.



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