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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Is Hiring A Digital Projects Assistant APPLY NOW


UNDP works in more than 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. We help countries develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.

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About UNDP

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is a global development agency that works in over 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality, and promote sustainable development. It was established in 1965 and operates under the United Nations system.

Key points about UNDP include:

  1. Mandate: UNDP’s primary goal is to support countries in achieving sustainable human development. It focuses on addressing poverty, inequality, and exclusion while promoting democratic governance, resilience, and environmental sustainability.
  2. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): UNDP plays a vital role in supporting countries in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals cover various areas, such as poverty eradication, quality education, gender equality, clean energy, climate action, and more.
  3. Program Areas: UNDP works across several program areas, including democratic governance, poverty reduction, crisis prevention and recovery, climate change and environment, sustainable development, and gender equality. It provides policy advice, technical assistance, and funding to partner countries to address development challenges within these areas.
  4. Partnerships: UNDP collaborates with governments, civil society organizations, private sector entities, and other United Nations agencies to leverage resources and expertise for sustainable development. It fosters partnerships at global, regional, and national levels to promote inclusive and participatory development processes.
  5. Capacity Development: UNDP assists countries in strengthening their institutional capacities to design and implement development programs effectively. This includes providing technical expertise, knowledge sharing, and supporting efforts to build local capacities for sustainable development.
  6. Funding and Resources: UNDP receives voluntary contributions from member states, foundations, and other partners to support its development initiatives. It manages and allocates resources efficiently and transparently to maximize their impact on sustainable development outcomes.
  7. Policy Advocacy: UNDP plays an active role in advocating for policies and approaches that advance sustainable development and human rights. It conducts research, produces reports, and shares knowledge to influence global and national policy debates.
  8. Humanitarian Response: UNDP supports countries in crisis and post-crisis situations by providing early recovery assistance, supporting governance and institution-building, and promoting resilience and sustainable development in fragile contexts.

Why work at UNDP

Working at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) can be a fulfilling and impactful career choice for several reasons:

  1. Contributing to Sustainable Development: UNDP is at the forefront of global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote sustainable development. By working at UNDP, you can directly contribute to addressing pressing global challenges, such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation.
  2. Making a Difference: UNDP’s work focuses on improving the lives of people in developing countries. By leveraging your skills and expertise, you can help create positive change, reduce poverty, empower marginalized communities, promote gender equality, and enhance social and economic development.
  3. Global Impact: UNDP operates in over 170 countries and territories, providing an opportunity to work on a global scale. Your work can have a broad reach, influencing policies and programs at the national, regional, and international levels, and making a difference in diverse contexts and communities worldwide.
  4. Multidisciplinary Environment: UNDP brings together professionals from various backgrounds, including development, economics, social sciences, environment, governance, and more. Working in this multidisciplinary environment allows for collaboration, learning, and exposure to different perspectives and approaches to development challenges.
  5. International Exposure: Working at UNDP provides exposure to international development issues and the opportunity to engage with diverse stakeholders, including governments, civil society organizations, private sector entities, and other United Nations agencies. This exposure enhances your understanding of global development dynamics and builds valuable networks.
  6. Professional Growth and Learning: UNDP offers a range of training, learning, and capacity-building opportunities to support your professional growth. You can access resources, participate in workshops, and engage in continuous learning to enhance your skills, knowledge, and expertise in various development areas.
  7. Multicultural and Inclusive Work Environment: UNDP values diversity, equality, and inclusivity. It fosters a multicultural work environment that embraces different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Working alongside colleagues from around the world enriches your understanding of different cultures, promotes cultural exchange, and enhances your interpersonal skills.
  8. Job Stability and Benefits: As part of the United Nations system, UNDP offers job stability, competitive salaries, and comprehensive benefits packages. This includes access to healthcare, retirement plans, paid leave, and other perks and allowances.
  9. Positive Organizational Culture: UNDP is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and respect for human rights. It places a strong emphasis on ethics, transparency, and accountability in its operations.
  10. Career Mobility and Opportunities: Working at UNDP can provide opportunities for career advancement and mobility within the organization and the broader United Nations system. It offers diverse roles and assignments across countries, regions, and program areas, allowing you to expand your skills, broaden your expertise, and take on new challenges.

Digital Projects Assistant

Apply Before: The deadline for applications is May 9, 2024, at 05:34 AM.
Job Schedule: The job is a full-time position.
Agency: The job is with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Grade: The job is classified as NPSA-5.
Vacancy Type: The job is under the National Personnel Service Agreement.
Practice Area: The job is in the field of management.
Bureau: The job is within the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific.
Contract Duration: The initial contract duration is one year, with the possibility of extension.

The duties and responsibilities of a Digital Projects Assistant at the Pintig Lab, as described in the provided information, include:

  1. Implementation Support:
  • Provide administrative support for the implementation of projects and activities of the Pintig Lab.
  • Coordinate with client projects to ensure effective support and coordination.
  • Maintain records and filing systems, ensuring the safekeeping of confidential materials.
  • Arrange meetings, workshops, and other project-related events.
  • Assist with day-to-day transportation and mission travel requirements.
  • Perform additional tasks assigned by the supervisor.
  1. Financial Control Support:
  • Assist in preparing project reports and related materials.
  • Monitor budget expenditures and maintain records of approved budgets and revisions.
  • Prepare and submit expenditure and budget status reports.
  • Review financial rules and regulations, providing solutions to finance, logistics, and administrative issues.
  • Support the maintenance of the internal expenditures control system.
  • Process documents for cash advances, liquidations, and reimbursements.
  • Certify expenditures for payment approval and monitor/control budget expenditures.
  • Coordinate and act as a focal point for finance, procurement, and administration matters.
  • Facilitate the procurement of goods and services.
  • Monitor contracts and coordinate with consultants and firms engaged by the team.
  1. Knowledge Building and Sharing:
  • Assist in organizing meetings, workshops, trainings, and events.
  • Prepare minutes, draft and send invitations, and draft follow-up actions.
  • Document lessons learned and best practices in finance and administration.
  • Support the establishment of knowledge networks and communities of practice.
  • Provide accurate and timely information and reports on administrative and finance matters.
  1. Other Functions:
  • Perform other functions within the functional profile as necessary for the efficient functioning of the office and organization.

Institutional Arrangement:

  • The Digital Projects Assistant will work under the guidance and supervision of the Pintig Lab Digitalization and Data Analytics Specialist.
  • Close coordination will be maintained with client projects and relevant staff to ensure financial controls and policy compliance.
  • Collaboration will be required with the Impact Advisory Team, Accelerator Lab, operations, program and project staff, and key partners and stakeholders.

Core Competencies:
The Digital Projects Assistant is expected to demonstrate the following core competencies:

  • Achieve Results
  • Think Innovatively
  • Learn Continuously
  • Adapt with Agility
  • Act with Determination
  • Engage and Partner
  • Enable Diversity and Inclusion

Cross-Functional & Technical Competencies:

  • Business Management: Project Management
  • Business Management: Portfolio Management
  • Business Management: Monitoring
  • Business Management: Communication
  • Business Management: Customer Satisfaction/Client Management
  • Administration & Operations: Documents and records management
  • Administration & Operations: Events management (including retreats, trainings, and meetings)

Minimum Education Requirements:

  • Secondary education is required.
  • A university degree in Public Administration, Human Resources, Social Sciences, or Community Development (with specialization in finance, accounting, or related fields) is desirable but not mandatory.

Minimum Years of Relevant Work Experience:

  • Minimum of five (5) years of professional experience in administrative, finance, and related fields with a secondary education.
  • Minimum of two (2) years of professional experience in administrative, finance, and related fields with a bachelor’s degree.

Required Skills and Competencies:

  • Proficiency in using MS applications.

Desired Additional Skills and Competencies:

  • Previous experience in the development sector or working with the government.
  • Previous experience with international organizations and government agencies is advantageous.
  • Knowledge of Quantum or other ERP systems is an advantage.

Required Language(s):

  • Fluency in English and Filipino.


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