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It has never been so easy to be funded to go abroad for a job you have experience in. The government of Canada and other private companies are sponsoring General Job workers to come and work in Canada.

You simply need to read through the job details and then apply for the job, if you are already in Canada the better but if you are abroad simply go through the article on how to apply for the Canadian Visa or work permit

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Why should you work in Canada?

  • Job Security in Canada
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Higher Salaries
  • Caregiving Benefits
  • Universal Healthcare Program
  • Better Work-Life & Cost of Living

Can you immigrate to Canada as an unskilled worker?

To work in Canada as an unskilled laborer comes with an average annual salary exceeding $20,000. The federal government has plans to welcome over a million immigrants by 2022-23 to fill these positions. To work in Canada in unskilled labor jobs requires very little or no training.

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Reasons to Live in Canada as a foreign worker:

1. Employment Insurance

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2. Regular benefits

3. Family benefits

4. Compassionate Care benefits

5. Parents of critically sick children

6. Benefits for pregnant women

7. Parental and maternity leaves

8. Childcare benefits

9. Housing

10. Immigrant services

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To Wrap Up:

Canada is ranked as one of the best countries in the world. The human development index ranks the country as 6th which is a measure of common well-being and standard of living.

It has an excellent education system and safe streets; they have a long life expectancy and the nation is cited as one of the most liberated countries.

Who can Apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply including foreigners outside the country.

List of Care-Giver available jobs:

The job postings found are for all Home childcare providers (NOC 4411).

LocationAvailable jobsLinks
Alberta128View job postings >
British Columbia392View job postings >
Canada1270View job postings >
Manitoba11View job postings >
New Brunswick1View job postings >
Newfoundland and Labrador2View job postings >
Nova Scotia2View job postings >
Ontario499View job postings >
Québec214View job postings >
Saskatchewan17View job postings >
Yukon3View job postings >

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List of Welder available jobs:

The job postings found are for all Welders and related machine operators (NOC 7237).

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LocationAvailable jobsLinks
Alberta73View job postings >
British Columbia152View job postings >
Canada902View job postings >
Manitoba25View job postings >
New Brunswick10View job postings >
Newfoundland and Labrador5View job postings >
Northwest Territories2View job postings >
Nova Scotia14View job postings >
Ontario250View job postings >
Prince Edward Island5View job postings >
Québec301View job postings >
Saskatchewan65View job postings >

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List of Truck Driver available jobs:

The job postings found are for all Transport truck drivers (NOC 7511).

LocationAvailable jobsLinks
Alberta664View job postings >
British Columbia557View job postings >
Canada2899View job postings >
Manitoba188View job postings >
New Brunswick98View job postings >
Newfoundland and Labrador8View job postings >
Northwest Territories1View job postings >
Nova Scotia78View job postings >
Ontario710View job postings >
Prince Edward Island18View job postings >
Québec342View job postings >
Saskatchewan207View job postings >
Yukon2View job postings >

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List of Plumber available jobs:

The job postings found are for all Plumbers (NOC 7251).

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LocationAvailable jobsLinks
Alberta54View job postings >
British Columbia161View job postings >
Canada404View job postings >
Manitoba9View job postings >
New Brunswick5View job postings >
Newfoundland and Labrador3View job postings >
Northwest Territories1View job postings >
Nova Scotia8View job postings >
Nunavut2View job postings >
Ontario80View job postings >
Prince Edward Island2View job postings >
Québec48View job postings >
Saskatchewan26View job postings >
Yukon1View job postings >

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List of Fruit Or Vegetable Picker available jobs:

The job postings found are for all Harvesting laborers (NOC 8611).

LocationAvailable jobsLinks
British Columbia17View job postings >
Canada36View job postings >
Manitoba1View job postings >
Nova Scotia1View job postings >
Ontario15View job postings >
Québec1View job postings >

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Here is a list of other unskilled job openings in Canada for Foreigners for the year 2022-23:

  1. General Farm Worker
  2. Registered Practical Nurse
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Chefs/Cooks
  5. Supermarket Staffs
  6. Room Attendant
  7. Housekeeper
  8. Live-in Caregiver
  9. Factory Helper
  10. Construction Worker
  11. Cleaner
  12. Fish Cutter
  13. Bakery Production Worker
  14. Meat Cutter/Butcher
  15. Kitchen Helpers
  16. Poultry Farm Worker
  17. Gas Surgeon


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How can you become an unskilled worker and immigrate to Canada?

There are four major pathways for Unskilled Jobs for Foreigners to enter Canada: the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, and the Agri-Food Pilot. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the most common route.

1. Provincial Nominations Programs (PNPs)

The Provincial Nominee Program is intended for foreign employees who want to come to Canada and who have been offered a position in the country.

2. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP)

Aiming to attract foreign workers to Canadians Atlantic provinces, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot is targeted at those who want to settle in one of the following: Newfoundland and Labrador; Prince Edward Island; New Brunswick; and Nova Scotia.

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3. The Immigration Pilot Program for Rural and Northern Areas

It is intended for foreign employees who are interested in relocating to one of 11 participating cities and towns in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia who are interested in working in the rural and northern regions of these provinces.

4. The Agri-Food Pilot Program

This program, which is scheduled to begin in May 2020, enables you to work in the agricultural, meat processing, and animal production industries while also pursuing permanent residence in the country.

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