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17 March 2023

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Canada, an immigrant friendly country, needs foreign skilled workers, professionals and trained youth for various occupations mentioned in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list. One such occupation is automotive denter painter jobs in Canada to meet the demands of local labour markets, automotive industry and related services.

To support Canadian employers and industries, the federal government of Canada has designed and framed many immigrant friendly policies, especially for automotive denter painter.

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The automotive denter painter job in Canada allow qualified applicants to work with specific Canadian employer in particular Canadian province for specified time period. The growing number of work opportunities and demand of automotive denter painter jobs means that ideal and right candidates are not available for such jobs among local population, thus the Canadian employers seek permission to hire foreign skilled workers and immigrants for job as automotive denter painter.

One of the safest and surest immigration pathways to secure automotive denter painter jobs in Canada is work permit. Interested applicants must understand Canada immigration pathways, including work permit, to gain job in Canada as automotive denter painter in hassle free manner. It is important to note that Canada work permit helps applicants to secure right to work and stay in the country and fulfil their dreams.

Facilitating work permit to several applicants for over a decade and help them in  immigration, Key Global Immigration Services in Middle East, UAE, Dubai and India, provide basic information and support processing of work permit to skilled workers, professionals and trained youth for automotive denter painter jobs, thus help them to achieve career goals and live a quality life.

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Why Candidates Should Seek Automotive Denter Painter Work Permit In Canada?

Automotive denter painter mechanics are in huge demand in different Canadian provinces. Eligible applicants, who fufill all requirements and criteria, can later secure Permanent Residency status in Canada. In fact, as per the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list, automotive denter painter jobs are ‘in demand’ in several Canadian provinces. Canadian employers and industry HR also seek candidates, who can work in automotive industry, related business, production and manufacturing units as automotive denter painter mechanics.

Such welfare and social benefits help immigrants and foreign skilled workers to live quality life.

Checklist for Canada Work Permit for Automotive Denter Painter

➨ Class 12 education (minimum)
➨ Minimum three years of relevant work experience as automotive denter painter
➨ A valid job or employment offer letter issued by Canadian employer, who has secured Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

➨ Proficiency in English – Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. Five bands each in IELTS modules is a must for candidate seeking work opportunity in Canada as automotive denter painter
➨ Good medical condition
➨ Security clearance certificate to be obtained by applicant from local police station
➨ Enough funds and strong financial condition
➨ Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – A certificate to showcase that candidate’s educational qualifications fulfil criteria of the Canadian academic standard. Applicants, who have studied in other countries (not in Canada) must get an ECA from agencies like World Education Services (WES), which provides complete evaluation to candidates within 20 working days.

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Average Salary Of Automotive Denter Painter in Canada

According to industry experts, the average automotive Denter painter salary in Canada is $48,750 (Canadian Dollar or CAD) per year or 25 CAD per hour. Applicants working at entry level positions earn around 39,390 CAD per year, while the trained and experienced skilled workers get around 59,400 CAD per year.

How to Get Automotive Denter Painter Work Permit In Canada In 2023?

Experts say that automotive denter painter can get Canada work permit under Temporary Foreign Worker Programme. It is important to note that most of the industry experts and Canadian employers hire trained youth and foreign skilled workers, including automotive denter painter, through this immigration pathway. Automotive denter painters generally work in automotive industry, workshops and production units.

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Role and Responsibilities Of Automotive Denter Painters-

Experts add that ‘in demand’ classification in the NOC list for automotive denter painters shows that Canadian employers and industries need ideal and efficient skilled workers. Considering that such heavy jobs require physical labour, many Canadian employers seek to hire young trained skilled workers and professionals, who can work in Canadian industries and production units as automotive denter painter for long duration. Hence, various Canadian provinces and territories have increasing number of automotive denter painter jobs for eligible candidates.

Automotive denter painters are supposed to perform below-mentioned duties and responsibilities –

➔ Make preparation for surfaces and automobiles (cars, trucks, buses etc) needed to be painted
➔ Polish the painted surfaces and automobile
➔ Ensures that parts of vehicle that should not been painted are covered with a paper and masking tape
➔ Spray filler materials on the surfaces of automobile with the help of spray gun or brush to ensure that scratches get a smooth surface before applying the paint
➔ Attends sessions for daily instructions

➔ Removes rust from metal, and grease and dirt from automobile surface
➔ Filling cavities and dents using putty
➔ Selecting and mixing coating liquid in right amount to get the required color or tone
➔ Looking after maintenance of tool kit and other equipment and get tools repaired, if required
➔ Wearing safety protective accessory

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