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Do you have a good relationship with children? Are you responsible, level headed, cool under pressure, friendly, fun and most of all trustworthy? Well, if you are, you can sometimes find excellent job opportunities looking after children at beach resorts or on cruise ships.

This is not only great because you will earn money and meet great people, but you will be traveling and exploring the world at the same time with the Cruise Childcare. Your child care job will be varied and sometimes challenging, but you will also have plenty of opportunities to see the sights at each destination, and experience all the fun filled activities that are on offer. Interested? 

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Child Care Jobs Overview

Being a child minder (childcare specialist) or being involved in the children’s activities at a resort or on a cruise ship is a job that may sound easy, but you will find yourself in some difficult situations. Usually the parents want to entrust someone with their precious children for a few hours while they enjoy some of the adult activities at the resort, on the cruise ship, or on the land excursions.

You will have various types of child minder jobs, but in all of them, you will be expected to look after a certain number of children and provide them with lots of fun and entertainment while their parents are away. Some children will miss their parents, some with squabble with others, some with not want to join in, and some might be naughty. You have to be strong enough to deal with any situation that might arise, and most of all keep the children safe at all costs.

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Types of Children’s Activity Jobs

There are lots of children’s activities that you can be involved in and lots of children’s activity jobs that you can do while at your work location. You may be required as an au pair, which is a higher paying job that will require you to look after just one set of children for their parents. This job needs you to be comfortable talking, playing, interacting, and entertaining children for any length of time.

You could be called for as a babysitter while the parents want to go out for an evening, and you will be required to look after the children and make sure that eat dinner, wash, and go to bed on time. This job will be over and above your usual au pair or child minder day duties and you will normally be paid directly from the parents which will be extra money for you.

During the day, the cruise liner or beach resort will expect you to be at your position, ready to look after any children or prepare fun children’s activities for the day. Child minder cruise ship jobs will normally include a ship based activity center for children where you will spend most of your time working. Sometimes you will be hired for the land excursions if parents want to go separate ways and you along with other child minders will organize an outing for a group of children.

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Child care jobs at beach resorts can also require day outings for the children, but there are usually so many children’s activities at the resort that you could find yourself teaching and playing miniature golf with a group, or doing some arts and crafts, organizing a party, or anything else that is required.

There is normally a children’s activity position which is a supervisory role. You will plan all of the events and activities for the week or duration of the cruise, and you will control and manage the entire children’s section. You will prepare safety procedures, involve medical staff if needed, and keep an eye on all the child minders that work under you.

You can find other children’s activity jobs for cruise ships and beach resorts when you become a member.

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Working and Traveling – The Best of Both Worlds

If you have always wanted to travel, but could never find the time or extra cash, then working for a cruise line or beach resort is perfect for you. You can find a multitude of jobs at all kinds of exotic destinations, including being a childcare specialist, au pair, or activity manager.

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If you have a love for children, then this job will be a breeze for you, and you will get to enjoy the travelling aspects as well as the working aspects. You will earn a good amount of money working at a beach resort or cruise ship, which means that when you get a day off, or after your shift, you can go and see all the sights. Become a member today to gain access to the world of cruise ship jobs and beach resort jobs!



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