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Visa Sponsorship Farm Working Jobs, On-farm agriculture in Canada has the highest job vacancy rate of any industry and most of these are open to international applicants. Whether you are degreed or not, there is a job suitable for you, well paying too.


Take a look at the listings below:

1) Apiary Technician/ Bee Keeper

Mighty Peace Honey

Full-time Job

Salary: $20/hour

  • Duties: Detection and treatment of bee diseases, harvesting honey


2) Dairy Farm Worker

Rietveld Diaries Ltd

Full-time job

Visa Sponsorship

Salary: $15/hour

  • Duties: Calving, handling animals, feeding and tending to animals, milking cows, cleaning stables, detecting disease in crops


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3) Egg Gatherer

Maple Leaf Foods Inc

Full time Job

Salary: $19.46 hourly

  • Duties: Egg gathering using the egg gathering systems’


4) Apiary Worker

Tegart Apiaries Honey Farms Ltd

Full time Job

Salary: $18/hour

  • Duties:Apiary management, harvesting honey, detection and treatment of bee diseases.
  • Visa Sponsorship


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5) Farm Labourer

Gouw Quality Onions Ltd

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Full time job

Salary: $15.65/hour

  • Duties: General farm work
  • Visa Sponsorship


6) Vegetable Farm Worker

Doug Edgar Farms Ltd

Full time job

Salary: $15.65/hour

  • Duties: hand harvesting vegetables, weeding, hoeing crops, examine produce for quality and prepare for market.


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7) General Farm Worker

Aluber Trade Company Ltd

Full time job

Salary: $16/hour

  • Duties: clipping, cleaning crops, seed cutting, weeding, harvesting crops, greenhouse cleaning, harvesting seedlings.
  • Visa Sponsorship


8) Farm Hand

McNary Feed Lot Ltd

Full Time Job

Salary:$20 hourly

  • Duties:cattle exhibition, feed inventory, weaning, cattle training, feed and tend to animals, monitoring animal health


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9) Fruit Farm Labourer

Earle Sheila Anne Muir

Full time Job

Salary: $15.50

  • Duties: planting, cultivating and irrigating crops, harvesting crops, weeding, pruning an trimming trees and plants.


10) Poultry Farm Worker

Merks Poultry Farm

Full time job

Salary: $15/hour

  • Duties: monitoring animal health, feeding and tending animals, cleaning stables and barns


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Types of Agriculture

Imagine a family farm on a small plot of land and a huge commercial farm that spans acres and acres of land. What do you think makes these two types of farms different? Although both of these farms are designed to produce food, they vary in the methods of production, the amount of food they produce and who consumes the food produced.

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Although for most of human history our species has survived by hunting and gathering food, around 10,000 years ago, our ancestors started producing their own food. Agriculture is the term used to describe the act of growing crops and raising livestock for human consumption and use.

Since the development of agriculture, many different types of products have been implemented. Currently, agriculture is divided into two different types, including industrialized agriculture and subsistence agriculture. Let’s explore and learn more about these two types of agriculture.

What are agricultural products?

The term “agricultural product” means any agricultural commodity or product, whether raw or processed, including any commodity or product derived from livestock that is marketed in the United States for human or livestock consumption.

The major agricultural products can be broadly grouped into foods, fibers, fuels, and raw materials (such as rubber). Food classes include cereals (grains), vegetables, fruits, cooking oils, meat, milk, eggs, and fungi.

Agriculture plays a major role in economic growth and development. As the provider of food, it is a cornerstone of human existence. As a furnisher of industrial raw materials, it is an important contributor to economic activity in other sectors of the economy.

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