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It’s hard to say what sparked the increasing popularity of ships cruising, but it’s safe to say that its popularity hasn’t lost momentum for the last two decades, despite economic downturns. Even during the worldwide recession of 2008 through 2010, cruise line sales continued to grow – not at the rate prior to the recession – but they still didn’t suffer as much as many other segments of the travel and hospitality industry.

Global passenger traffic on cruise ships continues to increase each year. It is estimated that over 30 million people will take a cruise in 2019 which is almost a 6% increase over 2018 which was a record year.

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Another indicator of the growth of the industry is the fact that a record 58 new river and ocean cruise ships are under construction and will launch over the next three years. This in in addition to the more than 150 new cruise ships that launched since 2000. These 58 new cruise ships will create over 87,000 new cruise industry jobs.

New Cruise Ships Launching In 2023

Industry Growth Means More Hiring

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As we exit a couple of challenging years due to the pandemic, the cruise industry is totally booming! There are nineteen ocean-going cruise ships set to make their debuts in 2023, accounting for over 38,000 new berths. Eleven of these are large cruise ships carrying over 1,000 passengers each. Five are mega cruise ships which each carry over 4,000 passengers. This is in addition to more than 214 cruise ships major cruise line companies have introduced since 2000.

As this boom continues, 2023 – 2024 will be an outstanding years for new cruise ships. This is great news for those looking for cruise ship employment and other cruise line employment. Each of these new ocean cruise ships provides an average of over 1,100 new jobs needed to staff the cruise ship and an additional 500+ jobs to provide the support services.

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In addition to these ocean-going cruise ships launching in 2023, there are five coastal-going ships, including three from American Cruise Lines and two for Havila.

Because of all of these factors, there has never been a better time to begin searching for an exciting career in the cruise line industry. The ships offer good accommodations for staff and crew, there are new itineraries being developed, and the need for quality employees is tremendous. This is great news, but keep in mind that competition for these jobs can be fierce. To improve your chances of finding (and getting) the perfect cruise line job, you should utilize all the tools CruiseJobFinder has to offer.

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CruiseJobFinder Exclusive Benefits

As a member of CruiseJobFinder you can explore each major cruise line and find current job openings. You will also gain access to detailed company profiles, a continually updated database of current jobs, and extensive industry background.

You’ll learn the differences between working on a small ship vs. a large one, what types of positions are advertised, and how cruise ships operate. If your interest is to explore options with a cruise line in its corporate headquarters or other opportunities on shore, CruiseJobFinder provides these job listings too.

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You’ll get the scoop on jobs with the best companies, including:

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CruiseJobFinder’s goal is to answer all of your questions and provide you with all the information you need to narrow your search and give you a competitive edge. To achieve that goal, as a member you will also have access to interviews with current and former cruise ship employees, which will provide you with first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to work on a cruise ship – and how to get hired!

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There are also interviews with cruise line recruiters who share their hiring philosophies and needs.

Becoming a member of CruiseJobFinder is a great first step to launching a successful career in the cruise industry.

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