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Target Audience


Program Overview

We recruit many professionals for our various activities throughout the year. On this page you will have access to all current open positions. To learn more about our 18 job families and create a job alert according to your background and interests.

The ICRC recruits professionals from a very wide range of backgrounds. Our staff includes everyone from humanitarian aid workers, interpreters and engineers to surgeons, agronomists and bomb-disposal experts. Please refer to our job openings to check specific requirements in terms of training, experience and language skills.

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What languages Skills Are Needed

English and French are the official languages of the ICRC. Most of our field offices, known as “delegations”, are English-speaking, but a third are in French-speaking countries. A very good knowledge of both languages is, therefore, highly recommended and sometimes required. Exceptions may be made for some specific jobs.

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Furthermore, applicants are more likely to be selected and sent abroad if they also have other world languages such as Arabic, Russian and Spanish or important local languages such as Hausa, Kinyarwanda and Pashto.

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We do not ask for specific qualifications to prove your language skills; they will be tested during the recruitment process. To pass, your level should be at least B2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

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Income Stream Coordinator Government for EurasiaEurope (HQ)Resource MobilizationMax term contract
CTA communication officerEurope (HQ)CommunicationMax term contract
Burmese InterpreterGlobal Deployment OptionProtectionOpen-ended contract
Amharic and Tigrinya InterpreterGlobal Deployment OptionProtectionOpen-ended contract
Kinyarwanda / Kirundi InterpreterGlobal Deployment OptionProtectionOpen-ended contract
Interprète Kinyarwanda / KirundiGlobal Deployment OptionProtectionOpen-ended contract
Pashto InterpreterGlobal Deployment OptionProtectionOpen-ended contract
Clinical Psychologist with military / police experienceGlobal Deployment OptionHealthOpen-ended contract
SOC CoordinatorEurope (HQ)ICTOpen-ended contract
People Analytics ManagerEurope (HQ)Data Analytics & Process ManagementOpen-ended contract
Lead Buyer TelecomEurope (HQ)LogisticsOpen-ended contract
Health Delegate – Primary Health Care NurseGlobal Deployment OptionHealthOpen-ended contract
Health Delegate – Primary Health Care DoctorGlobal Deployment OptionHealthOpen-ended contract
Traineeship in the Talent Attraction UnitEurope (HQ)Human ResourcesTraineeship
Functional Learning & Development ManagerEurope (HQ)Human ResourcesOpen-ended contract
Apprenti-e logisticien-ne CFCEurope (HQ)Human ResourcesApprenticeship
Forensic SpecialistGlobal Deployment OptionForensicsOpen-ended contract
Senior Forensic SpecialistGlobal Deployment OptionForensicsOpen-ended contract
Spécialiste Forensique SeniorGlobal Deployment OptionForensics 21 New ICRC Career OpportunitiesOpen-ended contract
Bengali InterpreterGlobal Deployment OptionProtection 21 New ICRC Career OpportunitiesOpen-ended contract
Detention DoctorGlobal Deployment OptionHealth 21 New ICRC Career OpportunitiesOpen-ended contract

It depends. Mobile field staff work in challenging, multicultural environments, so you need to have some international experience to show that you can adapt to and work in such conditions. Any professional experience abroad counts, but experience in a country whose culture is different from that of your home country is particularly sought after.

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Non-professional, long-term stays in a foreign country are considered an asset. Please note that our recruiters evaluate applications as a whole. To succeed, you will need the right combination of motivation, professional and personal experience, and language and soft skills.

When you join the ICRC, you must be prepared to go wherever your skills are most needed. With time, you will be given more say in your assignment and advice on how to develop your career.

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