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Virtual Youth SDG Summit 2021: Apply now for your voice to be heard

About the Summit

The Youth SDG Summit is the world’s premiere Summit hosted 100% by young people, so that we can deliver programming that makes a true impact to echo the challenges that youth are facing.

Now entering its 4th edition, The Youth SDG Summit, powered by UNITE 2030, is a global convening of young people and our allies from all sectors and regions of the world. Our overall aim? Find new ways to mobilize, empower, and inspire young people to take action toward the Global Goals.

The Youth SDG Summit is hosted 100% virtually, and while we hope that we can convene in person in the future, we are leveraging this moment in history to utilize technology, digital opportunities and far-reaching partnerships, as well as reach newer, hard-to-reach audiences in this new way.

Why now?

We are at a critical turning point in history. The world is facing the deepest health, economic, and social crisis of our generation, and the situation is worsening. While the situation is dire, we acknowledge the importance of youth in solving these problems, and there is no better time than now.

The 2030 Agenda is our clear roadmap to recovery, and while NGOs, international organizations, and institutions know their role in achieving the SDGs, our role as Youth is less clear. We have to shape our role ourselves, which means we need a unified youth voice and message

Who will be there?

The Youth SDG Summit hosts not only young leaders, but Changemakers from every single field. We understand that youth are just one piece of the puzzle; We need those who can help us elevate our voices.

Speakers are not only youth, but inspirational leaders and strategic partners who have an important role to play in the future of our world.

How can I turn this from conversation to action?

We know that there are thousands of Summits out there. All of them brings something new and exciting to the table. But what makes the Youth SDG Summit different is our focus on taking action. All of our conversations are oriented toward empowering actions when we leave. We know that the Youth SDG Summit is not the end of the movement, but the beginning.


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