How To Find A Job After Completing High School

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High school is an important part of learning, but certainly not the final stage for many youngsters. It is often the beginning of a journey that takes one through probably ten further years of grueling study.

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However, some youngsters do not want to pursue education further after high school and go job hunting. Reasons for that vary, including circumstances beyond one’s control such as bereavement in the family, inability to pay college fees, etcetera. 

Still, those who intend to proceed to university may still find themselves having to look for a job immediately after finishing high school. Again, the reasons vary.

In this article, we consider how you can best look for a job when still fresh from high school. This is at a stage where you most definitely have absolutely no resume to talk about, and you’ll be looking for your first-ever job. 

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Finding A Job After Completing High School

The prospects of entering a job market and securing a good job without a High School Senior Certificate are thin, especially with the staggering high youth unemployment rate in most countries. 

Yet a high school certificate opens your first door to a job opportunity and chances of furthering your studies.

Although most employers look for prior experience and post-school qualifications, there are opportunities available for you to earn a living after high school.

Here are some tips on finding a job after matric:

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Write up a proper CV

Your CV is the first line of communication with potential employers. So it is important to make a good impression by working on your CV.

With a good impression made you can focus on blowing them away in your interview.

Online career portals such as, as well as recruitment sites, offer free advice on how to write a good CV. Pick the format that you’re comfortable with, and produce a good CV.

Start networking 

Waiting for job advertisements is not the only best way to take as a job seeker.

Most job seekers rely on formally applying for jobs and hoping for a callback, but one needs to start networking too.

Networking, including online networking, can put you in touch with individuals and professionals working in your preferred industry. Use online career platforms and join discussion groups.

Be careful to not annoy strangers by spamming them with too many frequent messages.

Through networking, you could find yourself being referred to a prospective employer without even handing in an application.

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The following industries are keen to take in Grade 12 certificated youngsters, and some even offer training for further career development:

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  • Sales and retail
  • Call centers
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Online teaching
  • Security services
  • Driver, chauffeur 
  • Administration
  • Farming
  • General work
  • Logistics
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Tech

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Start volunteering or internship 

Getting into volunteering or an internship has many advantages. When you sign up as a volunteer, not only are you giving back to needy communities, but you also gain practical experience.

You learn new skills and connect with professionals and experts. You also gain a social employability profile.

Once you leave the organization, you have a foot in the door, as you would have gained valuable work experience and social skills.

An internship on the other hand allows you to work under the guidance of the experienced.

This is a great way to learn about the world of work after high school. An internship could last up to a year and most come with a stipend.

It is a chance to explore the industry and see what really works for you. You can leave and seek permanent work elsewhere after the internship, or choose to remain and work in that organisation or company.

Most companies require that you take up an internal position immediately after completion of the internship.

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Finally, know yourself 

You’re at an early stage of career development and will probably make mistakes regarding your career choices due to inexperience, insufficient information, or plain stupidity. 

Still, use the mistakes as learning curves to pick yourself up and get ready for more challenges and hurdles. 

If you had decided against proceeding to college but discover later on that you really should enroll for college, do not be afraid to take a new choice. 

Life is all about being flexible because you’ll keep gaining new knowledge and experience which often renders your past preferences invalid.

Good luck in your new path to greatness after high school. It can be a long winding road before you really get to know what you really want as far as careers are concerned. 

Still, keep your head up.

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