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Employers in New Zealand dislike stories. Create a resume for New Zealand employers who are interested in reading it. They adhere to the Canadian Resume Format 2023, just like we do. Employers in New Zealand, though, use a CV format specific to that country. You must adhere to the New Zealand CV Format 2023 if you are a job seeker looking for employment and job possibilities in New Zealand. I’ll explain how to create a CV for New Zealand in this post.

Tips for creating a New Zealand-style CV

In New Zealand, most employers like aย short, easy-to-read curriculum vitae (CVs). Your current CV Template might not be helpful for New Zealand if you want a Job there. Most employers willย quickly scan your CVย to decide if it is worth reading in more detail. So it needs to make aย good impression quickly. Letโ€™s see what a New Zealand CV Format 2023 looks like.

What is New Zealand CV Format 2023?

The New Zealand employers only want to see the relevant information on your CV. They do not want to know every job you have done in the past.

They also like to see some evidence of how you have applied your skills. It is best to only include relevant details of your skills and experience to the Job for which you are applying.

Previous Experience

It is also best to include a short description of the organizations you list on your CV, like:

  • The number of employees
  • Location
  • Link, contact, and email of organization for more information if they need it.

Two Types of CV

There are two main types of CV:

  1. Skills-focused CV: useful for career changers, school leavers, or people with gaps in work history.
  2. Work-focused CV: useful for showcasing work experience and for people progressing to the next stage in their career.

You can also download the PDF Format of skills-focused or work-focused CV templates

These templates are made by the official New Zealand Government website (

Make Your CV Easy to Read

If you want to make your CV a Good look then follow these points:

  • use a black, easy-to-read font in one size.
  • use short sentences and break up blocks of text
  • use bullet points to list information
  • keep the tone formal
  • avoid abbreviations, slang, or jargon
  • avoid photos or images
  • have strong headings and lots of white space
  • keep your CV to two pages.

JPG or PDF โ€“ Which Format?

Save your CV in both formats. The NZ Employer either asks for a Word or PDF Document.

What to Write in Your NZ CV?

  • Your name and contact details
  • Technical and personal skills
  • Work, and community and volunteer experience
  • Qualifications and Education
  • Referees (you can include referees or note that referees are available on request).

A CV could also include:

  • an objective and personal statement
  • achievements
  • interests
  • job-specific information (for example, a teacher would put their teaching philosophy in their CV).

What Not to Include in your CV

Please ๐Ÿ™ do not add โŒ:

  • a photo or images
  • colored or fancy fonts or design
  • your date of birth or age
  • your marital status, religion, or bank account details
  • too much text and bad spelling
  • a funny or rude email address
  • work experience or interests that are not relevant to the job
  • lies about your experience and skills.

Objective and Personal Statement?

An objective gives a brief description of the type of work you like and the type of industry in which you are looking to work.

A personal statement gives the employer an idea of who you are in three or four sentences.


You need at least two referees. One referee should be your current manager, team leader, or work experience supervisor. Another referee can be a formal employer, school teacher, or professor.

Referee contact details should include:

  • first and last names
  • job title
  • the organization they work for
  • phone number
  • email address.

New Zealand Style CV Template 2023

These templates are made by the official New Zealand Government website. Follow these Templates and examples to help you create your own CVs (resumes).

New Zealand CV Template Examples

NZ 1
NZ 2

New Zealand CV Builder

You can also use the CV builder for New Zealand CV which will save you enough time and within seconds your New Zealand-style CV will be ready.

Tips for Making a New Zealand CV Format 2023

  • Keep it short
  • Give examples of your skills
  • Make sure your CV is up to date
  • Include referee contact details
  • Put yourself in the employerโ€™s place
  • Get it checked
  • Write a cover letter

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