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Owing to the growing numbers of vacancies of restaurant managers and chefs, the UK work permit from Dubai, UAE, Middle East is a great platform to secure work opportunities and build bright career in the United Kingdom.

Other important cities in the UK like Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh, Swansea, Glasgow and so on also contribute to the country’s economy and provide job opportunities to several skilled workers and immigrants, particularly in hospitality industry.

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The job opportunities in the United Kingdom are on rise due to the expansion of business, hospitality and service sectors. People from different backgrounds and nationalities would like to experience various dishes and cuisine from across the world. This gives rise to many job opportunities of restaurant managers and chefs in the UK. Employers also search for right and ideal candidates for vacancies in hospitality industry. The requirement of efficient manpower is fulfilled by securing the UK work visa.

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What is UK Work Permit Visa?

In order to have efficient manpower, the UK welcomes skilled workers, professionals and trained youth to work in the United Kingdom under the Tier 2 visa program or point based skilled worker visa program.

What are UK Work Permit Visa Requirements?

Interested applicants looking forward to secure skilled worker visa programme should have a valid job offer from a Home Office Licensed Sponsor. It is important to note that eligible applicants must meet criteria for skill or trade or occupation and proficiency in English language.

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The applicant must get the minimum salary threshold of £25,600 or more through the valid job offer.

Applicants for positions of restaurant managers and chefs must meet below-mentioned eligibility criteria –

➨ Education – Class 12 (minimum)
➨ A valid Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer holding a valid Sponsor License
➨ Language proficiency skills (IELTS – 5 bands in each module or section)
➨ Prior work experience of 8-10 years in related field (hospitality industry)
➨ Security clearance certificate
➨ Sufficient funds

The skilled worker visa program allows trained youth, skilled workers and young professionals to build successful career and bright future in the United Kingdom. It is important to note that the UK skilled worker visa program allows applicants to work and stay in the country for the duration of five years. Further, the duration of visa can be extended if applicants are able to find either new work opportunity or employer in the United Kingdom.

In order to save time, money, energy and resources, interested applicants must seek guidance from the UK work permit visa consultant so that they clearly understand requirements and process.

What Are Benefits of the UK Work Permit Visa?

 Get valid job offers
 Get chance to work in developed economy
 Get salary in foreign currency
 Enhances career prospects
 Many opportunities for get professional training while doing jobs
 Offers quality life

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 Provides chance to work with established brands
 Provides safe and secure environment
 Provides employment benefits to employees
 Has strict work policies to be followed by employers
 Promotes quality work culture
 After five years, applicants also get a chance to apply for permanent residency in the United Kingdom (also called ‘indefinite leave to remain’). This allows applicants to work, study and live in the country, if they are willing, and avail social, educational, healthcare and welfare benefits provided by the government.

What is the Processing Time for the UK Work Permit Visa From Dubai, UAE?

Experts suggest applicants to submit visa applications three months before they start working in the United Kingdom. The joining date at work place in the UK will be mentioned in the certificate of sponsorship that applicants receive from the UK employer.

What are Popular Industries in the UK?

Interested applicants must learn about some of the top and popular industries in the United Kingdom. It will help them understand demands of manpower, industry requirements and employment trends. Some of the popular industries in the UK are –

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➤ Hospitality
➤ Healthcare
➤ Banking and Finance
➤ Information Technology
➤ Oil and gas
➤ Construction Industry
➤ Education and training
➤ Wholesale and Retail Industry
➤ Transportation and Logistics Industry
➤ Manufacturing industry

Applicants must apply for the skilled worker dependent visa in case of spouse and children accompanying the primary applicant.

The main applicant must submit following documents to secure skilled worker dependent visa:

➤ Marriage certificate
➤ Proof of age (birth certificate) for children under the age of 18 at the time of application

What is the Application Process for the UK Work Permit From Dubai?

Experts suggest that interested applicants can apply for work permit visa three months before the day of joining work place in the UK. The date of visa application will be included on the certificate of sponsorship. Applicants must submit relevant documents to support visa applications such as proof of identity, education, work experience, language proficiency, skill training etc.

If applicants meet all eligibility criteria, they get a response on visa applications within three weeks, if they are outside the UK and eight weeks if they are already in the United Kingdom.

Also, skilled worker dependent visa applications can be submitted along with the skilled worker visa application of primary applicant.

The skilled worker dependents are allowed to work after meeting certain terms and conditions. They can also study or pursue postgraduate academic courses after meeting eligibility criteria.

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How Does UK Work Visa Consultant Support Applicants?

A reliable UK work visa consultant can guide applicants from step one of their journey of migrating to the UK till the end. Some major tasks that are handled by work permit visa consultant are –

➨ Assessment of applications
➨ Cross check immigration documents checklist
➨ Processing of application
➨ Submission of application forms along with relevant documents
➨ Co-ordination and follow up with concerned departments and authorities
➨ Support in settling down in foreign country

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