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Farm Worker Job in France with visa sponsorship is a “career blessing” for uneducated Asian people who make a living on labour jobs. Europe has always been a dream for workers from underdeveloped nations like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and African countries.

We don’t have access to the world-class education that is demanded by European employers. Luckily, governments of many European countries and EURES (European Commission’s body for overseas employment) announce many labour, unskilled, semi-skilled, and blue-collar job roles for foreign applicants other than Dairy Farm Worker Jobs in France. For instance, Gardeners, Plumbers, Security guards, Nannies, Waiters, Car cleaners, etc.

First, you have to apply for the job and visa process becomes later on. If you are selected by the employer, you are granted a visa by the French home office on the basis of a sponsor letter by your company.

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Job details of the Farm Worker Jobs with the employing company’s name are given in the post below. In the bottom-most section, you can find the link to apply online for the job. So, let’s get started

Job Details:

  • Job title: Farm Worker
  • Country: France
  • Knowledge required: Matric level
  • Experience required: minimum six months
  • Age limit: 21-55 years
  • Job type: Part-time
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Hiring bodies: Global Jobs Abroad, Infarm, EURES, etc.
  • Selection quota: Up to 200 persons at a time.

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Job Benefits:

  1. Free food. Some companies offer subsidized meal vouchers.
  2. Free Accommodation.
  3. Free Medical Insurance or 24/7 access to free medical checkups, consultations, etc
  4. Health and Fitness Awareness programs (not all employers).
  5. Paid annual leave of 30 days.
  6. Depending upon your employer, you may get paid off on your birthday.
  7. All expenses are borne by your employer company.
  8. Attractive Salary Packages.
  9. Visa Sponsorship.
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  1. Flight as soon as the job is confirmed.
  2. Free transport/ subsidized bike offers for a fixed and nominal monthly fee.
  3. French Labour Law declares the minimum wage to be about 10 €/hour.
  4. Working hours are not difficult: 35 hours per week.

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Who can apply?

The average Salaries of Farm Workers in France depends upon many factors, like location, employer, experience, related qualification, technical know-how, etc. However, according to ERI economic research institute, The pay for a Farm Worker/Crop Field Worker is €25,841 a year and €12 an hour on average in France

Anyone outside France can apply. Your nationality and background don’t matter. However, the applicants who fulfill the job criteria described by the employer or the applicants deemed suitable for the job would be contacted by the employer
Why Farm Worker Jobs in France?

Finding a job in the French Agricultural sector is very easy because it employs nearly one million seasonal workers each year (Source: Near summers, harvesting activities spike up. That’s why most of the job vacancies are advertised in summer. France is the biggest cereal producer in Europe and the second biggest producer of milk.

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Moreover, France ranks second on the list of European countries with the highest number of cattle and farm animals with 3, 434 cows per thousand head. The country is the second biggest producer of wine as well. France is historically the first meat producer country in Europe. In December 2021, Eurostat mentioned the total quantity of meat production in France to be 1424.32 tonnes. France is still the biggest country in terms of beef production in Europe. The French herd consists of 3.63 million dairy cows and 4.22 million baby cows that form 15.4% and 34.2% of the European Union livestock respectively.

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So, its dairy farms, crop farms, fruit and vegetable picking, processing facilities, and packaging Job roles have much space for foreigners. But, the local French population can’t fill up the space because they are more inclined towards Science and Technology instead of traditional agricultural job roles. Moreover, the population of the French countryside is very low.

The most famous French crops and their harvest season.

According to, France has a total of 74 million acres of fertile/ Arable land. Paris Basin is the most fertile part of France (and therefore has the highest number of opportunities for Farmworkers). At Agri Labour France, they place fruit picking, processing facilities, loader jobs, and packaging roles.

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  1. Potatoes ( May-October).
  2. Grapes (August-October).
  3. Kiwi (November-May).
  4. Strawberry (May-September).
  5. Clementine (November-January).
  6. Pear (July-April).
  7. Pumpkins/Potimarrons (September-November).
  8. Cherries (May-July).

  1. Prune (July-October).
  2. Avocado (June-August).
  3. Apples (September-May).
  4. Carrot (June-September).
  5. Onions (September-December).
  6. Celery (September-December).
  7. Pepper (June- August).
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Which French farm industry has highest number of jobs?

Undoubtedly, the French wine industry has many job opportunities for local and foreign populations. As mentioned, it is the second-biggest wine producer in Europe. French wine is known worldwide for its quality. The biggest employer of the French wine industry is a company known as ViotiJob. Click on the link below to explore their job opportunities

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French Job Portals offering Visa sponsored Farm Jobs in France.

  1. AgraJobs.
  2. APCA.
  3. Pole-Emploi.
  6. Agriculture annonces.
  8. Indeed.
  9. LinkedIn.

How to Apply?

Nowadays, jobseekers search and apply for jobs on Google instead of looking for job sections in newspapers. Your search for a job and you are served with hundreds of job portals offering your desired job. The link given below would land you on an online job search portal that connects you with hundreds of employers offering Farm Worker Jobs in France with Visa Sponsorship.

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