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Europe is an amazing and diverse continent with so many different countries and destinations. It is also one of the best places to find seasonal work! Popular jobs you can find include summer, winter, travel, tourism, and short-term jobs which are open to English speakers.

This article gives a guide on how to find a job in Europe as a foreigner, search for employers, and apply for the job of your desire.

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What it’s like to work in Europe

Working in Europe can be an incredible experience due to the amount of companies, industries and choice of places to work.

Europe continent is huge with so many different countries and diverse locations you could live in. There are also so many professional and temporary/seasonal jobs are available to Europeans and foreigners all year round. Working a summer or winter season is really popular and a great way to experience living in Europe for a short period.

Options can include farm, agriculture and fruit picking, hotels, hospitality, bars, clubs, cleaners, drivers, ski resort work and summer camps.

Summer holiday jobs in Europe are very popular in places like the Mediterranean islands.

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These are some of the most popular countries to seek employment:

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• Austria
• Belgium
• Croatia
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Iceland
• Ireland
• Italy
• Malta
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• United Kingdom

Visa, eligibility & requirements for non-EU citizens

If you are applying from inside the EU or EEA you have free access to live and work in the continent and for most countries you will not need a job offer or visa before arriving.

Each country has different criteria for foreigner workers and you can view more information on our specific country guides.

If you live outside of the EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area) and are keen to live and work in Europe, you will need to apply for a job and get hired before moving to the country.

You won’t be able to get a work permit or residence visa without a job offer. If you are applying from the UK, due to Brexit it is now much harder to live and work in Europe.

For South Africans, Indians, Philippines and other worldwide nationalities you will need a job offer and visa sponsorship. This can be a difficult process but there are lots of companies in the EU which hire foreign workers. Another option is to find cash in hand jobs.

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Visa sponsorship jobs and where to get them in Europe

Browse our country destination guides below to find these types of visa sponsorship roles.

Find visa sponsorship jobs in Denmark here: Please make sure to indicate visa sponsorship in the search box.

Summer jobs by country

Find summer jobs in the Channel Islands here;

Find summer jobs in the UK here:

Find summer jobs in Spain here:

Find summer jobs in Scotland here:

Find summer jobs in Italy here:

Find summer jobs in France here:

Find summer jobs in the rest of Europe here:


Jobindex is Denmark’s largest job site. We provide the most complete overview of job vacancies in Denmark.

With over 30,000 job ads, more than 100,000 CVs and approximately 500,000 unique users every month, Jobindex is Denmark’s biggest job market. At the same time, they are users’ job market and companies’ recruitment partner.

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A bit about visa requirements

For a visa application for seasonal work purposes, the following documentation is required:

  1. Formal petition application;
  2. Passport or additional valid travel document, for the duration of the travel;
  3. Passport photograph;
  4. Return ticket;
  5. Valid travel insurance, including necessary medical expenses, medical emergency and medical repatriation.
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Our check shows that you may be asked to provide the following:

Certificate of being in a regular situation when the applicant is from a different nationality than that of the country where the visa is being requested.

Proof of means of subsistence, in compliance with legal requirements set by the competent Government entity.

Work contract or valid work offer for seasonal work purposes, with a temporary work company or an employer established in European territory, identifying the location, time, type of work, as well as duration, salary and paid vacation.

Sectors where you may find seasonal work include agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry and fishing; hospitality, restaurants and similar.

The jobs are also aplenty in food industry, liquor and tobacco industries; Gross and Retail commerce; construction; and land transport.

We wish you all the best in your application for the jobs.

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