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Canada – the land of opportunities – has an increasing demand of immigrants, foreign skilled and semi-skilled workers, young professionals in various Canadian provinces to meet shortage of labour in local markets and industries. To resolve such issues, the federal government of Canada has designed and framed various immigrant friendly policies recently, particularly for applicants seeking auto body technician jobs in Canada.

These immigration policies and gateways support foreign skilled workers, professionals, trained youth and applicants earn decent money since auto body technician salary in Canada is good compared to other countries. These policies and immigration programmes also help applicants to gain Canadian work experience that further enhances their career.

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The occupation of auto body technicians is mentioned in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list, hence it clearly shows that auto body mechanics are required in huge number to fulfil needs of labour in Canadian local markets and industries. Also, considering limitations of growing number of ageing population in Canada, Canadian employers and industries require foreign skilled workers for auto body technician jobs in Canada.

Efficient foreign skilled workers, immigrants and professionals are required in the Canadian local markets and industries to fill positions of auto body technician jobs. Interested candidates must understand Canada immigration pathways from trusted immigration consultants such as Key Global Immigration Services to secure Canadian work permit for auto body technician in hassle free manner.

It is important to note that work permit for Canada is the safest and surest immigration gateways that grant rights to work and stay to interested applicants and help them to achieve their career goals.

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Auto body technicians are in demand across Canada and they can later secure Permanent Residency status after fulfilling all eligibility criteria.

Experts further say that trained youth, young professionals, skilled workers and auto body technicians, particularly in Middle East and UAE, should seek Canada immigration opportunities, if they get auto body technician job in Canada in 2023.

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Facilitating work permit to many applicants for over a decade in order to migrate to Canada, Key Global Immigration Services in Middle East, UAE and Dubai, regularly supports experienced skilled workers and auto body technicians to help them securing bright future and quality life.

Why Candidates Should Secure Auto Body Technician Work Permit in Canada?

Auto body technicians are in demand in various Canadian provinces and they can later also secure Permanent Residency status in Canada. Going by the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list, auto body technicians jobs are ‘in demand’ in many provinces in Canada. Canadian employers always look out for ideal candidates, who can work in heavy industries, automobile sector, production and manufacturing units as auto body technicians.

What is Canada Work Permit?

The Canada work permit grants legal authorization to young professionals, foreign skilled and semi-skilled workers, immigrants, international graduates to work and stay in a Canadian province under a Canadian employer for specified time period, in case they have valid job offer supported by a copy of positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

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In order to hire ideal and right candidates for the occupation of auto body technicians and to meet rising demands of auto body technicians in local labour markets, automobile sector, industries and other domains, the Canadian employers must secure Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that facilitates Canada work permit to foreign skilled workers on a fast track mode.

What is Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

Industry experts say that auto body technicians are in high demand in many Canadian provinces like Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan.

In most Canadian provinces, the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is issued to Canadian employers by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), to allow them to hire foreign skilled workers and immigrants. By securing LMIA, Canadian employers showcase that right and fit candidates among Canadian citizens and residents are not available to do skilled or heavy labour jobs of auto body technicians and hence authorisation is required to hire foreign skilled labour outside Canada.

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As a first step to secure LMIA, Canadian employers advertise the job vacancy in different publications, magazines, newspapers, job portals, virtual platforms, and other sites for one month. After meeting terms and conditions of ESDC, the Canadian employers receive a copy of LMIA mentioning name of candidate (skilled worker/auto body technician) as well as occupation related conditions and directions. Hence, LMIA based work permit is the surest, safest and transparent gateway for Canada immigration.

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Clearly, Canada has a growing demand of foreign skilled and semi-skilled workers, young and trained professionals, immigrants, and energetic youth, who also fulfil eligibility criteria for Canada auto body technicians work permit. Canadian employers need foreign skilled workers and immigrants, who can contribute to the country’s economy and industries through skills, hard work and efficient task. Such work opportunities and platforms also help interested applicants to meet their career goals. Hence, applicants having relevant prior work experience of auto body technicians must secure job opportunities in 2023 by getting Canada work permit.

Checklist for Canada Work Permit for Auto Body Technicians

➤ Class 12 education (minimum)
➤ Minimum three years of relevant work experience of auto body technicians jobs
➤ A valid job or employment offer letter by Canadian employer, who has secured Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
➤ Proficiency in English – Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. Five bands each in IELTS modules is a must for candidate seeking work opportunity in Canada as an auto body technician
➤ Good medical condition

➤ Security clearance certificate to be obtained by candidate from local police station
➤ Sufficient funds and strong financial condition
➤ Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – A certificate to showcase that candidate’s educational qualifications matches the Canadian academic standard. Those who have studied in other countries (not in Canada) must get an ECA from agencies like World Education Services (WES), which provides complete evaluation to candidates within 20 working days.

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What is Average Salary Of Auto Body Technician In Canada?

According to automobile industry experts, the average salary of auto body technician in Canada is $68,250 (Canadian Dollar or CAD) per year or $35 CAD per hour. Technicians at entry level positions get around $48,750 CAD per year, while experienced ones earn around $100,000 CAD per year.

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How to Get Auto Body Technician Work Permit In Canada in 2023?

Candidates seeking auto body technicians jobs can secure work permit under Temporary Foreign Worker Programme. Experts also believe that most of the Canadian employers and industry HR hire immigrants, foreign skilled workers, including auto body technicians, through this immigration gateway. Auto body technicians generally work in automobile heavy equipments, production and manufacturing industries.

What are Role and Responsibilities Of Auto Body Technicians?

The ‘in demand’ occupation of auto body technicians classified in the NOC list shows that Canadian employers and industries have lot of employment opportunities for such applicants. It is important to note that several Canadian employers are willing to hire young trained foreign skilled workers, who can work efficiently in Canadian industries as auto body technician. Hence, different Canadian provinces and territories have many auto body technicians jobs for trained and eligible candidates.

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Canada requires efficient young foreign skilled workers to work as auto body technician in order to boost its economy and industries. Auto body technicians in Canada are offered below-mentioned roles and positions –

 Inspect motor in operation, road test motor vehicle, and test automotive systems
 Repair or replace parts and elements of automotive systems
 Test and adjust repaired systems for best performance
 Carry on maintenance service
 Give feedback to customers on vehicle’s condition, performance and repair required (if any)



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