Finland Is Facing a Shortage of Workers – 15 Most In-Demand Jobs Foreigners. Apply


  • Finland is facing a shortage of workers, in particular in sectors like healthcare and construction.
  • The population of Finland is forecast to decrease in the future, driven by an increasing retirement rate, which is expected to further affect the labor market.
  • Health-related jobs, for which there is a shortage of workers, are some of the highest paid in Finland.

Finland is facing a worker shortage, particularly in the sectors of healthcare, personal care, social work, daycare teaching, and construction.

According to EURES, which is the European cooperation network of employment services, the working-age population in Finland is expected to decrease in the future, primarily due to a rising retirement rate. At the same time, there is an increase in the number of immigrants, and people are staying at work longer, 

Several industries in Finland are facing a crisis because of workforce shortages for years now. Thus, Finland has compiled a list of the most demanded professions that foreigners can apply for. Once they are given a work contract, they can start procedures for getting a Finnish work visa.

In regard to the labour market, the Finnish Ministry of Economics Affairs and Employment has forecasted that there will be a decrease in the employment rate and unemployment will grow starting this autumn.

Despite the gloomy labour market, many employers are still suffering from a shortage of skilled labour. Now is the best possible time to train for sectors that are growing and need more workforce.Elina Pylkkänen, Under-Secretary of State from the Ministry of Economics Affairs and Employment

The top 15 most-demanded jobs in Finland are:

  1. Healthcare assistants
  2. Qualified nurses and public healthcare nurses
  3. Social works specialists
  4. Specialist medical practitioners
  5. General practitioners
  6. Daycare teachers
  7. Audiologists and speech therapists
  8. Dentists
  9. Home-based personal care workers
  10. Psychologists
  11. Restaurant and catering staff
  12. Office and workplace cleaners
  13. Specialist teachers
  14. Senior nurses and ward nurses
  15. Foremen in the construction sector

Of those, the highest-paid ones seem to be professions related to healthcare. According to the Economic Research Institute (EIR), the average salary for the professions listed below is as follows:

  • Dentist (€131,722 a year and €63 an hour)
  • Psychologist (€64,556 a year and €31 an hour)
  • Registered nurse (€62,741 a year and €30 an hour)
  • Construction Foreman (€62,024 a year and €30 an hour)
  • Nurse home care (€60,517 a year and €29 an hour)
  • Kitchen Chef is €43,079 a year and €21 an hour
  • Teacher Early Childhood Development (€29,060 a year and €14 an hour)
  • Waiter/Waitress (€26,705 a year and €13 an hour)

Despite the fact that Finland has the 13th highest annual wage among the EU countries, living expenses in this country are relatively substantial. Living costs in Finland vary depending on factors like city, area, and family size. According to Numbeo, estimated living costs in Finland are as follows:

  • The monthly expenses are: for a single person, excluding rent, €902.9; for a family of four, excluding rent – €3,286.
  • One-bedroom apartment: in the city centre – €791.85; outside the city centre –  €650.35.
  • Three-bedroom apartment: in the city center – €1,320.30; outside the city centre – €1,022.03

This year, Finland has seen a growth of interest from foreigners to study and work in its country. As Finnish authorities revealed in June 2023, a total of 7,343 applications for work purposes and first residence permits were submitted in early 2023, which is almost reaching rate of applications filed all throughout 2022.

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