How To Best Prepare For A Job Search In 2023


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How to best prepare for a job search in 2023

The Year 2022 is fast coming to a close and you probably have had a disastrous year in terms of job hunting.  With a new year coming up, let’s prepare you for job hunting in 2023 so that you have a pretty better chance of landing a job of your preference.

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Slow down, rest, and assess

It is already the Christmas season and most organizations are slowing down or even shutting down for the break, and so should you. This is the time for you to slow down, take a breath and reflect on your shortcomings and celebrate your accomplishments for the year 2022, however small. Reward yourself for whatever good you attained. The last month of 2022 is also the perfect opportunity for you to sit down and set goals and aspirations for the upcoming new year 2023.

Even if you’re already in a job and were looking for a new switch in the new year, December is the perfect opportunity to weigh your decision and assess the pros and cons of making a career switch in the new year.

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What’s important for you in 2023 and beyond?

A key factor in deciding how to look for a job in 2023 is starting with what’s important for you in the new year and even beyond. Is it salary? Job stability? Long-term career prospects? Prospects for educational advancement? Family circumstances? This is the first step in deciding how to start a new year prepare career-wise. 

Looking back into 2022

To go forward the right and proper way, you’ll, unfortunately, have to look back into 2022 and assess what went wrong or left you dissatisfied.  What gave you the energy to get this far despite a windy year? What left you drained and exhausted?

An honest answer to prepare these questions will leave you with a clearer picture of how to better navigate the job market in 2023. Look at all interviews you attended in the past and prepare what lessons you learned from them. In simple terms, life is an everyday learning curve and we must as much as possible draw lessons from our experiences so that we go forward better guided.

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Make new social and professional connections 

Friendship is the glue to a successful job hunt. You’ll need a colleague to alert you of new opportunities in company X, the pros and cons of working for company Y, or the inside information about company Z.  Sometimes all it takes is connecting with people who can grow your profession in one way or another. Keep such people on your radar and let them know you’d appreciate any help or information that would help in your job search.

Learn new skills

This is probably the most important of things you should start doing as the new year beckons. Groom your soft skills all the time because the world is now very dynamic and emerging jobs demand a ton of soft skills for success.  Develop your hard skills as well through enrolling for training, finding and completing free courses online, reading widely, and listening to podcasts from influencers in your professional field.

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Stay tuned to national and international job market trends

As you hunt for jobs, you’ll notice trends regards how to structure your CVs, present your applications and even prepare for interviews. 

Keep abreast of these developments and see how you can fine-tune them to your circumstances and to your advantage. One way or the other, if you stay abreast of emerging trends, you’ll be slightly ahead of the curve when interviews emerge, placing you with a better chance to land the job.

Other tips to enhance your job search chances 

Your social profile particularly on LinkedIn is now a very crucial aspect of job hunting. Use the remainder of the year to spruce up your social media profiles, expand your network, and add any skills or experiences you attained in 2022.

When all these things are done, you’ll start 2023 with energy and enthusiasm which should propel you into a new and more fulfilling job in the coming year.

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