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To apply for a work visa in Argentina, the foreign employee has to meet various requirements as per the immigration laws. They have to get an approved entry permit, also called the permiso de ingreso. As an employer, you have to apply for a work permit on behalf of the employees. After this, it will be sent to the consulate or submitted to a visa application system. 

The foreign employees working under a foreign work contract have to get the contract translated into Spanish.

These are the major types of Argentina work visas available for people coming from foreign nations: 

Temporary Residence Visa

‍This is quite a common type of visa issued to foreign nationals for corporate immigration. The visa gives authority to work in a company in Argentina and is valid for up to one year. There are different types of temporary residence visas available depending on the nature and purpose of travel. 

It includes: 

– Labour contract residence – This is for foreign employees employed on a regular basis by local companies for an extended period. 

– Intracompany transfer residence – This is for the foreign employees relocated from their home country company to a company in Argentina. 

– MERCOSUR temporary residence – This is for foreign employees born in MERCOSUR countries and coming to work for a long period. 

– Investors – Those who wish to invest in Argentina can apply for this visa. 

The National Directorate of Migration (DNM) grants the temporary residence visa; the temporary residence visa can be extended infinite times by applying to the DNM. 

Transitory Residence Visa

‍This visa is issued to foreign employees visiting for short-term assignments and allows an individual to work for up to 90 days. This visa is not extendable after 90 days. There are different types of Transitory Residence visas, including: 

– Technical Residence: This is for workers coming to the country to perform technical activities for a short time. 

– Business Visa: This is issued to people who were invited by a local company in Argentina to work for a short period of time. 

Permanent Residence Visa

‍This visa is granted to foreigners who have the right to live and work in Argentina for an indefinite period. The visa is issued in limited cases like for: 

– Workers with temporary residence visas and who are already working on assignments in the country. 

– People coming from a MERCOSUR country.

– People who have spouses with permanent residence status can also obtain this visa in Argentina.

Requirements for an Argentina Work Permit

After this, the Argentina chamber of commerce will sign and approve it. The contract shared by the employee must include:

  • information about the period of employment, 
  • names of all dependents,
  • details of the company, 
  • the evidence of a social security fund

After this information is verified, you must send the files to the consulate of Argentina located in the employee’s home country. 
Once the employee receives the Argentina work permit, they have to apply for a work visa at the consulate of Argentina in their home country.

The Argentina work visa requirements are: 

  • One must have a valid passport.  
  • Must submit three passport-sized photos.  
  • Must submit a notarized certification of the company’s intra-company transfer or an employer-signed employment contract.
  • Must share the birth certificate 
  • Must share the marriage certificate or divorce decree, if applicable. 
  • Must share a certificate of good conduct 
  • Must share an affidavit that shows that they don’t have any international police record. 
  • Must share an official certified copy of degree certificate or any professional credentials. 

Argentina Work Permit Application Process

1. As an employer, first, your company must have permits to onboard foreign nationals. A company that is incorporated in Argentina must enroll in National Immigrant Sponsors Registrar (Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes Extranjeros, RNURE). Registering with the National Registry permits local companies to hire non-MERCOSUR foreign staff.

After your company is enrolled, ensure to update all the information related to the foreign employee. Apart from that, all the changes associated with the employment of expatriates have to be notified within 15 days.

Requirements by an employer: 

  • ‍‍~Must submit a document with the legal address of the company. 
  • Must submit complete proof of legal status of registration with corresponding Argentine authorities.
  • Must be a Statute or Social Contract, which is legally registered with the General inspection of Justice. 
  • Must have attested legal documentation for any of the relevant documentation which is registered with the IGJ.  
  • Must provide proof of registration with the tax system with the Federal Public Revenue Administration. 
  • Must provide an ID card and photocopy along with the company representative responsible for performing the procedure along with any required proof of the authorizing power. 
  • Must have an accredited designation of an applicant as the delegate of the organization. 

2. Next, the employee must share all the required documents, which must be legalized and procured by the employee. For different cases, the requirement of documents may differ. The employer is responsible for handling these documents on behalf of the employee for  future processes. 

3. The employee has to apply for an entry permit and submit the required documents. Then, the verification is done, and the Argentine Immigration Department grants the approval of the work permit. After the review, the immigration authorities issue the Argentina work permit if no issue is raised. 

4. Before the approval of the work permit, it will be sent to the Argentina consulate located in the employee’s home country. From here, one has to apply for a work visa for Argentina, UK. This application can also be filled in the country to reduce the time taken. 

The application for the temporary residence visa will be submitted at the DNM. First, the employee must appear at the local Argentine consulate for a personal interview. After clearance, the employee will be granted the entry permit and residence visa. 

The foreign employees traveling to Argentina have to pay a fee of $US100 before entering Argentina. This fee is paid to the DNM online and is also equivalent to the multiple-entry fee. The amount may differ for different countries. 

5. After the visa and work permit approval, the employee is eligible to travel to Argentina to start working. Upon arrival in the country, the employee has to apply for a work identification number and a national identity card, which will be required to rent and purchase, open a bank account, and sign any contractual agreements. 

Work Permit Exceptions and Special Cases

The final approval for the temporary work visa may take up to three months. In this case, the employee can apply for an interim permit that allows them to work in Argentina and travel outside the country legally. 

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