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The United Nations is a diplomatic and political international organization whose stated purposes are to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and serve as a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations.

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About UN

  1. Membership: The UN is composed of 193 member states, each represented in the General Assembly, where they discuss and make decisions on a wide range of global issues. The UN provides a forum for dialogue and cooperation among nations with diverse political, economic, and social systems.
  2. Peace and Security: The UN plays a vital role in maintaining international peace and security. It mediates conflicts, deploys peacekeeping missions, and promotes disarmament efforts. The Security Council, with five permanent members and ten rotating members, is responsible for maintaining global peace and security.
  3. Development: The UN is committed to promoting sustainable development and addressing global challenges such as poverty, hunger, inequality, and climate change. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), guides UN efforts to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future for all.
  4. Human Rights: The UN is a strong advocate for human rights, working to protect and promote the fundamental rights and dignity of every individual. It has developed and upholds international human rights standards, monitors human rights situations globally, and supports the work of human rights defenders.
  5. International Law and Justice: The UN promotes the rule of law and supports the development and implementation of international legal frameworks. The International Court of Justice, located in The Hague, is the UN’s principal judicial organ, resolving disputes between states.
  6. Humanitarian Action: The UN coordinates and provides humanitarian assistance in response to crises and disasters worldwide. It works to alleviate suffering, protect vulnerable populations, and ensure the delivery of essential services, such as food, water, healthcare, and shelter, in times of need.
  7. Global Collaboration: The UN serves as a platform for international collaboration and cooperation on a wide range of issues, including climate change, public health, gender equality, education, and more. It facilitates dialogue, knowledge sharing, and the pooling of resources to address global problems collectively.

Through its various specialized agencies, programs, and funds, such as UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, and UNHCR, the UN carries out its mandates and works towards achieving its objectives in collaboration with member states, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders

Why work at UN

  1. Global Impact: The UN provides a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on global issues and contribute to positive change on a global scale. By working at the UN, you can be part of efforts to address major challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, conflicts, and human rights violations.
  2. Multicultural and Diverse Environment: The UN brings together a diverse workforce from around the world, providing a multicultural and inclusive work environment. Working alongside colleagues from different backgrounds, cultures, and expertise fosters cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and learning.
  3. Professional Development: The UN offers numerous opportunities for professional growth and development. You can gain valuable experience, expand your skill set, and enhance your expertise in various fields, such as diplomacy, international relations, development, peacekeeping, humanitarian affairs, and more.
  4. International Networking: Working at the UN allows you to build a global network of contacts, including diplomats, experts, and professionals from different countries and sectors. This network can be beneficial for future career opportunities, collaborations, and knowledge sharing.
  5. Challenging and Rewarding Assignments: The UN deals with complex and challenging issues that require innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, and a global perspective. Working on such assignments can be intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling, knowing that your efforts contribute to addressing pressing global problems.
  6. Peace and Humanitarian Work: The UN plays a pivotal role in promoting peace, resolving conflicts, and providing humanitarian assistance in crisis-affected areas. By working in these areas, you can directly contribute to saving lives, protecting vulnerable populations, and supporting peacebuilding efforts.
  7. Exposure to International Diplomacy: The UN serves as a hub for international diplomacy, providing opportunities to engage in high-level negotiations, participate in diplomatic meetings, and contribute to shaping global policies and agreements. This exposure can provide valuable insights into global governance and international relations.
  8. Work-Life Balance and Benefits: The UN emphasizes work-life balance and offers competitive compensation packages, including salary, health insurance, pension, and other benefits. It also promotes flexible work arrangements, family-friendly policies, and employee well-being programs.
  9. Making a Difference: Working at the UN allows you to align your career with a sense of purpose and contribute to the collective effort of creating a better world. It provides a platform to advocate for human rights, sustainable development, peace, and social justice.
  10. Prestige and Reputation: The UN is highly respected and recognized globally for its role in addressing global challenges. Working at the UN enhances your professional reputation and opens doors to opportunities in international organizations, governments, academia, and other sectors.


The Administrative Officer – Damascus, under the overall guidance of the Chief, Service Delivery, and with direct supervision from the Facilities Management Assistant (FMA), will have the following responsibilities (but not limited to):

  1. Conduct standard domestic electrical installations, including three-phase and single-phase electricity systems, connecting main and secondary distribution boards, and balancing phase/line loads.
  2. Perform minor repairs and maintenance of domestic electrical installations in offices and living accommodations.
  3. Install and troubleshoot diesel generators, including minor repairs to connections.
  4. Install and maintain standalone air-conditioning units.
  5. Assist in the installation of on-grid and off-grid solar systems in office and accommodation facilities.
  6. Carry out painting and plastering tasks for walls, ceilings, windows, doors, floors, furniture, and equipment in the mission’s offices.
  7. Construct partitions and make plaster or drywall repairs. Fix and paint windows, doors, floors, woodwork, and other components.
  8. Provide assistance to specialized workers in plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning, and heating systems.
  9. Support skilled maintenance workers in various projects.
  10. Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor to ensure efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.


  1. Professionalism: Demonstrates professional competence, takes pride in work and achievements, meets commitments, and achieves results. Remains calm in challenging situations and shows persistence. Commits to promoting gender equality and ensures equal participation of women and men.
  2. Teamwork: Collaborates effectively with colleagues, values their input, and learns from others. Prioritizes the team’s goals over personal agenda, supports group decisions, and shares credit for accomplishments.
  3. Planning & Organizing: Develops clear goals aligned with strategies, identifies priority activities, allocates resources appropriately, and plans for contingencies. Uses time efficiently and anticipates risks.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent.

Job-Specific Qualifications:

  1. Certificate in domestic electrical maintenance and training in general maintenance (carpentry, plumbing, welding, electrical).
  2. Valid driving license type C.

Work Experience:

  1. At least two (2) years of progressive experience in electrical and HVAC installation and maintenance in a private, commercial, or military environment.


  1. Fluency in oral and written English is required.
  2. Working knowledge of Arabic is desirable.
  3. Knowledge of another official United Nations language is an advantage.


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