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Numerous agricultural industries are hiring fruit pickers and other agricultural workers in Canada and the jobs are tellingly enticing to foreigners.

Are you able to do manual jobs and have the physical fitness and mental stamina to work on a Canadian farm?

Do you want to earn up to US$3,200 per month while working on farms in Canada?
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If you answered affirmatively to these questions, then you should consider emigrating to Canada to live and work there as a fruit picker. Of course, this is a seasonal job but the exposure to other opportunities it gives you can benefit you a lot in the future.

This article helps you apply for visa sponsorship for fruit picking jobs in Canada during the current 2023 fruit harvesting season.

What jobs are available?

There are plenty of vacancies in Canada for farm picker jobs like apple pickers, cherry pickers, strawberry pickers, tomato pickers, and many others.

Traditionally, these jobs are taken up by Indians, Filipinos, Nigerians, and different Asian and African nationals as Canadians generally shun away from manual jobs.

This leaves a huge window of opportunity for Canadian agriculture companies to hire workers from abroad and offer visa sponsorship to Canada to successful applicants.

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But note that not all these jobs come with visa sponsorship. Sometimes the employer requires that you fund your own visa application and processing.

Benefits (wages) for fruit pickers in Canada

The minimum wage for fruit harvesting jobs in Canada is determined by the agricultural trade, the season, and the quantity of manufacturing.

However, the Canadian government also set a benchmark that employers and union leaders adhere to at all times for fair about practices.
Note that the common wage for fruit pickers in Canada as of the beginning of 2023 ranges from $1500 – $3200 monthly. You can convert it to your local currency.

The employer will provide meals, lodging, and medical bills as required by their Government, but you can source for extra necessities at extra cost

Your wage can be raised subject to the employer’s discretion, or if you negotiate for a raise and the employer accepts.

Job Description: Duties of a fruit picker

It’s important that you know the functions, roles, and duties of a fruit picker before applying for the job and hopping onto a plane to Canada. This is because fruit pickers do a lot more than just pick fruit.

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Employers often ensure that job descriptions are handed to you at the time of placement. The duties and tasks of fruit pickers and farm employees are listed below. This is a general guideline, with each specific employer adding to or removing from these:

Collecting fruit from the fields and moving the same to warehouses and delivery trucks or other places as designated.

Drive and function farm gear and equipment to plant, domesticate, spray, and harvest fruit and nut crops, apples, citrus, oranges, strawberries, and walnuts.

Connect farm equipment such as a plow, seeder, fertilizer applicator, and harvester to the tractor

Drive the tractor within the fields to arrange the soil and plant, fertilize and harvest crops.

Combine chemical and insecticides or pesticides and spray crops, timber, vines, and soil with options to fight bugs, fungi and weeds, and diseases.

Irrigate the soil and crops utilizing a conveyable pipe or trench system.

Performs minor repair or general cleaning and servicing to agricultural equipment.

General Requirements

Apart from a Canadian work visa which may be procured on your behalf by your employer, you must meet the following general requirements to stand a better chance of being considered.

Languages: English and French are the main languages in Canada. The ability to speak both or at least one of them is advantageous.

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Training: No diplomas, certificates, or diplomas are required. If you have any such qualifications, then you probably have a slight edge over your competition.

Expertise: Expertise is an asset but not a requirement. Mostly, all recruits are inducted and trained before being deployed to the farms.

Physical fitness: Farm work is hard work and physical fitness comes in handy. Other features including body build, height, and weight may be considered at times.

How to Apply

Ready to help make the world a better place through innovative, sustainable farming? Canam Fresh employs over 1500 workers on their farms in Canada, the US, and Mexico.

Apart from fruit pickers and vegetation harvesters, Canam Fresh also seeks diverse professionals who include:

  • Agronomists and seed breeding specialists
  • Drivers and other logistics professionals
  • Field managers, harvesters, graders, and workers
  • Food safety professionals and food scientists

Check for fruit picking and other farm jobs at Canam Fresh Careers.

You may also apply online at other hiring fruit farms in Canada that include:

  1. De Vries Fruit Farm
  2. Martin’s Apples
  3. IBIS World Nut and Fruit Farming

We wish you all the best in your search.

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