Top Switzerland Scholarships 2024 to Study Without IELTS

Switzerland remains a preferred destination for international students because of the low cost of studying, paired with the fact that schools in Switzerland have a reputation for excellence. Also, known for providing array of educational scholarships and funding programs, the country then becomes a hot spot for international students looking for study abroad opportunities. Here is a List of Top Scholarships in Switzerland to study without IELTS.

Switzerland is open for all foreign students who wish to study abroad. Applications are accepted from students all over the world for Fully Funded Scholarships into undergraduate degree programs, master degrees, or Ph.D. degrees.

Several Swiss universities are on the list of top universities, all of which are internationally recognized and are highly sought-after institutions. Some of these scholarships are awarded to international students who may not have any proof of English language proficiency such as IELTS.

Benefits of Studying in Switzerland

There are several reasons and benefits available for students wishing to study in Switzerland. Some of them includes: lucrative scholarship opportunities, endless networking opportunities, highly ranked educational institutions, opportunities for a well-paid career, state-of-the-art research facilities amongst other things.

Top Switzerland Universities to Study without IELTS

  • University of Zurich
  • University of Bern
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • University of Basel
  • University of Lausanne
  • University of Geneva
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

List of Switzerland Scholarships without IELTS

1. Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists

Each year, the Government of Switzerland awards scholarships to promote international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over 180 other countries. The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are aimed at young researchers from abroad who have completed a master’s degree or PhD and at foreign artists holding a bachelor’s degree.

2. ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships in Switzerland

Currently ranked seventh in the world is ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Switzerland’s top university, the only non-European European university in the top ten.

Awarded for masters studies in Switzerland, it provide supports to students in form of scholarships, mentorship and a network of the ETH Foundation covering the full study and living costs during the master’s programme.

The ETH-D Scholarship contains a partial stipend as well as additional offers by the Department (assistantship or additional scholarship). Other scholarships awarded by ETH Zurich include the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship and the E4D Continuing Education Scholarship.

3. University of Zurich Scholarships for International Students

The University of Zurich is the largest university in Switzerland, with about 25,500 students, and offers the most academic options in the country. The National Ranking of University of Zurich is 2nd among all the Switzerland Universities.

It is now rated as 78 in the world and conducts teaching and research on a larger topic than ETH Zurich and the special EPFL, with facilities scattered near Zurich. This university provides scholarship opportunities to international students applying for a full-time study programme in eligible programmes.

4. University of Bern International Scholarships

The University of Bern is known to offer high quality educational and research services. It is famous for its high quality of teaching, has a good environment, and has an indistinctly connected campus social, economic, and political life.

The National Ranking of the University of Bern is 6thamong all the Switzerland Universities. Its educational and scientific organization is proud of its diversity, as evidenced by its five National Competence in Research.

5. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Scholarships

The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) offers international students many scholarship opportunities to choose from. The scholarships range from bachelor’s scholarships to masters to doctoral scholarship opportunities.

The university is  the second of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, was founded before ETH Zurich, in 1853, and follows behind on world-class tables. QS World University 2019 ranks 22nd in the world while ranking 11th in engineering and technology and 13th in natural science at QS World University Rankings in the ranking.

6. University of Basel International Scholarships

The University offers scholarships through the scholarship committee of the Senate in addition to any cantonal education contributions. International students are advised to explore and find out what scholarships they are eligible for.

The University of Basel is healthy and innovative, located in the heart of Basel, and draws on art-based art. It was founded in 1460. It is the oldest university in Switzerland. The National Ranking of University of Basel is 3rdamong all the Switzerland Universities.

The university is proud of its 500-year tradition of excellence in teaching, learning, and research, in which they have taken a forward-looking approach to new scientific advances in order to provide quality education and support our right reputation as a university that can attract staff and students from all over the world.

7. University of Lausanne Scholarships

There are several scholarships available for students wishing to study at the University including merit-based scholarships, Swiss Government Scholarships, World Bank Scholarships etc.

The University of Lausanne is a higher teaching and research institution composed of seven faculties where approximately 15,600 students and about 3,900 research, teaching et technical staff.

The University’s research activities focus on three main themes: human and social sciences, life sciences and medicine, and environmental sciences. UNIL lays great store by the quality and innovation of its teaching. This is characterised by a highly interdisciplinary approach which is even reflected in the organisation of its faculties. 

8. University of Geneva Scholarships

The university holds and actively pursues teaching, research, and community service as its primary objectives. University of Geneva (UNIGE) is dedicated to teaching, research and public speaking. With more than 17’000 students from 150 different nationalities, it is the second-largest university in Switzerland.

Like the city of Geneva itself, the University has a strong international reputation, both for its research quality (it ranks among the top institutions within the League of European Research Universities) and for its academic excellence.

International students can take advantage of the several scholarship opportunities available at the University to attend to their financial needs.

Alternative for English Proficiency Certificate

If you have an English-speaking background you will be at an advantaged position. Your college or university can provide you with this letter and you can attach it to your study permit application as an English requirement.

Studying for the English Language Proficiency Certificate is the only thing you need to do. You must mention that your previous degree institution is in English.

There are also Internship positions available for International Students in Switzerland Without IELTS that includes the following:

(1) CERN Summer Student Program in Switzerland

This is Fully Funded Summer Exchange Program in Switzerland and the only CERN Summer program open to all nationalities in the world. No IELTS/TOEFL, No Application Fee, No Work Experience.

(2) CERN Administrative Student Program

120 CERN Administrative Program in Switzerland. Undergraduates, Bachelor, Master, Graduate Students from CERN Member or Associate Member State are eligible. There are Many Internship Fields are Available.

(3) CERN Internship Program in Switzerland

Switzerland is home for International Students to do their Internships. It is once in a Life Time opportunity to Spend Summer in Switzerland. There are about 120 CERN Internship Program in Switzerland.

Undergraduates, Bachelor, Master, Graduate Students from CERN Member or Associate Member State are eligible.

(4) CERN Technical Student Internship Program

Here, a total of 120 Students will participate in this program. CERN will select 120 Students in all. All Undergraduates, Bachelor, Masters’s, Graduate Students in the Fields of Applied physics, electrical or electronics engineering, general or civil engineering, IT, mathematics and robotics, material and surface science, mechanical engineering, Administrative are eligible to apply.

 (5) CERN Doctoral Student Program

Doctoral or PhD Degree Students from CERN Member or Associate Member State are eligible to apply for this Internship Program. Many Internship Fields are Available which can be accessed online.


There are many Fully Funded Scholarships and Internship opportunities available in Switzerland for undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students. Scholarships, Internships and Summer Programs are available in Switzerland. What are you waiting for? Apply now and fulfil your dreams of studying in Switzerland.

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