Full Guide To Obtaining One Of The UK Temporary Worker Visas As A Foreign Worker Settling Temporarily In The UK For 2023

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A temporary work visa is a type of UK Work visa that allows individuals to work in the UK for a limited time. Depending on the type of work you want to do in the UK, you have five temporary worker visas to choose from.

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Which Are the UK Temporary Worker Visas Categories?

There are five types of UK Temporary Worker visas that you can apply for, based on the type of work you will do in the UK:

  • Creative Worker Visa
  • Seasonal Worker Visas
  • Charity Worker Visas
  • International Agreement Worker Visas
  • Government Authorized Exchange Visas

Eligibility Requirements for a UK Temporary Worker Visa

To qualify for any of the UK Temporary Worker visas, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must be over the age of 18.
  • You must have at least £1,270 in your bank account to support yourself financially in the UK. The money must be available for 28 days within 31 days of applying for the visa. You don’t have to meet this requirement if:

  •        You have been in the UK with a valid visa for 12 months.
  •        Your employer will support you financially for the first month with at least £1,270.
  • You must have a certificate of sponsorship from your employer. This electronic document contains detailed information about the job you will be doing in the UK under the specific Temporary Work visa. The CoS is valid for three months after it is issued. You will use the CoS reference number when applying for your temporary work visa and you can use it only once.

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Required Documents for a UK Temporary Worker Visa

You must prepare the required documents to apply for a Temporary Worker visa:

  • A valid passport with a blank page for your visa.
  • The certificate of sponsorship reference number given by your UK employer.
  • Bank statements or any other documents as proof that you have enough money to support yourself in the UK.
  • A valid ATAS certificate if your job involves a sensitive research subject.
  • A tuberculosis test if you are from a listed country.

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Note: You must submit a certified translation if your documents are not in Welsh or English.

How to Apply for a UK Temporary Worker Visa?

To apply for a UK Temporary Worker visa, you must follow the steps below:

  • Obtain the CoS number from your licensed UK employer. You cannot apply for a temporary work visa if you do not possess a CoS.
  • You must complete the online application for the respective visa on the Home Office (UK Government) website for Visas and Immigration. You must follow the instructions and completely provide answers in the English language.

  • Upload your documents as you apply online. You must submit documents that are either scanned or photographed. File types that you can upload are JPG, PNG, PDF, or JPEG.
    Pay the required fees. You must pay the application fee and the healthcare surcharge during your online application. These are £259 and £624 respectively.
  • You must attend an appointment at a visa application center. You must book an appointment at the nearest UK visa application center, and prove your identity by providing your biometric information.

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What are the Fees for the UK Temporary Worker Visa?

To apply for a UK Temporary Work visa, you must pay the required fees:

Application fee£259
Healthcare surcharge£624 per year

Processing Time for the UK Temporary Worker Visa

The processing time for a UK Temporary Worker visa is:

  • Three weeks if you are outside the UK.
  • Eight weeks if you are inside the UK.

It may take longer for your visa application to be processed, depending on the workload of the visa application centers, and whether you are required to submit additional documents, among other factors.

Duration of the UK Temporary Worker Visa

The duration of the temporary worker visa varies depending on the specific category. You can stay from six months up to two years in the UK with a Temporary Worker visa.

Can You Extend the UK Temporary Worker Visa?

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All UK Temporary Worker visas can be extended, except for the Seasonal Worker visa. The time for which the temporary visas can be extended can vary depending on the specific visa.

Can I Bring Dependents with the UK Temporary Worker Visa?

You can bring dependents with the Creative Worker visa, the Charity Worker visa, and the Government Authorized Exchange visa. However, you cannot bring dependents with the Seasonal Worker visa and the International Agreement visa

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