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Are you wondering whether you may obtain or obtain a high paying job in the UK from Nigeria?We are aware that this is a difficult question to answer, especially if you have never lived in Nigeria. Those who have previously traveled from Nigeria to other nations will already be aware of the answer.

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The Nigerian workspace is minimal and thousands of graduates are graduating yearly from over a hundred Nigerian universities and polytechnics in the country.This brings about high rate of job seekers in the nation as there are not enough work places to employ these graduates. These include both the government and private sector of the economy.

However, we don’t want you to get troubled since you are already here searching for how to get a job offer in the United Kingdom while being a Nigerian or a citizen or Nigeria residing the in U.K.

Can I Get a Job in UK from Nigeria?

The chances of getting a Job in UK from Nigeria is high however, the chances of getting high paying job in the UK from Nigeria is minimal due to large number of interested applicants searching for job opportunities in the UK.

This however, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to secure a good job while being a Nigerian over there or perhaps, a Nigerian domicile in Nigeria. With information on this page, you will be able to secure a job that will carter for your need for a long time.

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Available Job Opportunities in UK for Nigerians

As a Nigerian there are lots of job opportunities which you can apply for in the U.K and if approved. You can begin working on your Visa and resident permit in the UK. Some example of these jobs includes;

  • Nanny Jobs
  • Oil & Gas Jobs
  • Medical Practitioner Jobs
  • Science and Technology Jobs
  • Administrative Officer Jobs
  • Programming and Web Development Jobs etc.

UK Minimum Wage for Salary Jobs

The Minimum wage for salary Jobs in the United Kingdom (UK) 2022 is being calculated per hour basis and it varies per age and work grade. The UK minimum wage payments as from April 1st 2022 include;

  • Apprentice are being paid £4.81 per hour,
  • Age 16 – 17 £4.81 per hour
  • Age 18 – 20 £6.83 per hour
  • Age 21 – 22 £9.18 per hour
  • Age 23 and above £9.50 per hour

At the current exchange rate of 748 Naira per £, you will be earning above the Nigerian minimum wage working weekly in the UK.

There are couple of means by which one can use to secure high paying job opportunities in the UK from Nigeria. You can check out some of the top means below;

How to Secure/Get a Job in UK from Nigeria

1. Apply for Freelance Job Opportunities

Freelancing is a means of offering your service to interested parties for a fee. Usually, freelancers don’t get paid monthly instead; they are being paid per task completed or towards the completion of a contract.

There are tons of freelance job opportunities which anyone residing in Nigeria can do to make money in foreign currency while residing in Nigeria.

The basic requirement is having at least, an intermediate knowledge on that high paying skill which could be data entry, virtual assistant, programming, web design etc.

As someone who is seeking for UK jobs from Nigeria as a freelancer, there are lots of freelance communities which you can sign up for to monetize your skill. Some of which include;

  • Upwork
  • Fiveer
  • Kwork etc.

You can make individual research on either of them to know the best fit for your kind of skill.

2. Checkout Leading Job Search Portals in the UK

Job search portals are websites whereby job and career opportunities from different fields are being published on daily basis.

There tons of job search portals by which Nigerians can use to discover high paying job opportunities available in UK. Usually, these job portals serve as a mediator between the employer and potential employees.

As someone seeking for job opportunities in UK, what you have to do is make these sites your friend and ensure to visit on daily basis so as not to miss out potential employments in due time.

If possible, it is recommended you subscribe to their mailing list. Some of the job/career opportunities there might come with a resident permit which is usually processed and approved by the employer.

With the resident permit, the UK embassy here in Nigeria will have no other choice than to approve your Visa since they have verify your employment in the country.

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3. Apply for Foreign UK Jobs Provided you are Qualified

Step 3 here talks about the continuity of step one (1) which is search for potential job opportunities in UK using job search portals.

As someone seeking for job in UK from Nigeria, you are to analyze these job opportunities which are being published on these job search portals.

From there, you will review the job description and application requirements. If you happen to meet up to any of the job requirements as stated on the job details, all you need to do is send out your application which is usually free.

You can schedule a time for yourself to send out at least 5 applications weekly. Doing this however doesn’t guarantee you a job however; you will stand a better chance as a job seeker.

4. Ask Friends & Relative Residing in the UK

One of the most influential ways of securing a job in the United Kingdom from Nigeria is by using a mediator. This mediator can be a friend who is domicile in the country or perhaps, a family or relative you trust.

Having this in place will sure give you a higher chance when it comes to securing a good job within a short period of time.

This is because, these individuals will make sure everything is set up even before you come as they will be there to do some background movement on your behave.

However, only a few may wish to sacrifice their time on your behave except you both are relatively close.

5. Apply for UK Resident Permit

The fifth option to take which can help you get a job in UK from Nigeria is by working on a UK visa and or resident permit.

With a good connection, you can use a leisure Visa for job hunting before returning to Nigeria to prepare a complete document needed for you to stay a while and work in the UK.

A lot of students too have leveraged this opportunity by using their student Visa to secure a job immediately after the completion of their studies.

The thing is, someone in need should look forth for the good things ahead rather than doing what others say or do.

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