Australia Raises The Financial Threshold For Foreign Students 2023: Read More!

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Australia adopts a courageous approach to defend the reliability of its global educational system. A substantial visa loophole will be closed on October 1, 2023, and there will be a 17% increase in the cost of attendance for overseas students. Find out more about these significant changes and the government’s dedication to high-quality education.

Australia has taken important efforts to tighten its system for international education by plugging a significant gap that permitted educational institutions to place foreign students in employment as soon as they arrived.

In order to secure overseas students’ financial security throughout their studies, the Australian government has strengthened the financial criteria for those applying for student visas.

Increase in Financial Need

International students applying for student visas to Australia starting October 1, 2023 will now need to provide proof of their ability to pay $24,505. This number reflects a 17% increase above the prior criterion.

It’s vital to note that this financial criterion only applies to student applicants and that the adjustment takes into account indexation as of 2019. The applicant must satisfy the updated financial capacity standards outlined under the visa requirements if they intend to bring dependents.

Why is Australia making these changes?

The Australian government has identified a number of concerning trends in the international education sector, including:

  • A sharp increase in the use of the concurrent function, allows international students to enrol in multiple courses at the same time.
  • A significant number of international students transfer to cheaper, lower-quality courses after arriving in Australia.
  • A number of cases of international students being exploited by unscrupulous education providers.

Ensuring Student Financial Stability

The Australian government has taken aggressive measures, including addressing this sharp increase in financial need, to ensure that visitors who are overseas students can support themselves financially.

The goal of the initiative is to prevent students from feeling undue pressure to land a job as soon as they get there, which on occasion leads to exploitation and lowers the quality of their academic experience.

Enhanced Scrutiny and Fraud Prevention

The Australian government will scrutinize high-risk candidate cohorts more closely in order to further strengthen the integrity of the global education system. To combat visa application fraud, more paperwork and verification processes will be used.

These actions are intended to maintain the standing and good name of Australia’s overseas education sector.

Addressing a Loophole

The elimination of the visa loophole is a crucial step in protecting the integrity of Australia’s overseas education system. There has been an obvious increase in the use of this loophole, with 17,000 concurrent enrollments recorded in the first half of 2023.

Compared to the total for the same time period in 2019 and 2022, which was roughly 10,500, this quantity is noticeably higher.

Government’s Commitment to Quality Education

Australia appreciates the value of its fourth-largest export, the foreign education sector. Clare O’Neil, minister of home affairs, stressed the government’s dedication to upholding a reputation for high-quality education around the world.

She stated, “International education is our fourth largest export — it’s essential that we maintain our global reputation for quality education. Our government has no tolerance for people who exploit students. Our message is clear — the party is over, and the rorts and loopholes that have plagued this system will be shut down.”


In conclusion, Australia’s efforts to close the visa loophole and raise the financial requirements for foreign students are a testament to the nation’s dedication to upholding the integrity and standard of its system of international education while also ensuring the welfare of the students who are enrolled there.

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