Department of National Treasury REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA- astounding JOB VACANCIES JUNE UPDATE 2022

About Department of National Treasury

The Department of National Treasury is one of the departments of the South African government. The Treasury manages national economic policy, prepares the South African government’s annual budget and manages the government’s finances.

The Ministry of Finance is at the heart of South Africa ’s economic and fiscal policy development. The Minister of Finance and Deputy Minister of Finance are responsible for a range of state entities that aim to advance economic growth and development, and to strengthen South Africa ’s democracy.

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The National Treasury is responsible for coordinating macroeconomic policy and promoting the national fiscal policy framework. Its role is defined by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and in the Public Finance Management Act. The National Treasury coordinates intergovernmental financial relations, manages the budget preparation process and exercises control over the implementation of the annual national budget, including any adjustments budgets. The National Treasury also performs functions assigned to it in other legislation.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is mandated by the South African Revenue Service Act (1997) to collect all tax revenues that are due, to provide a customs service, to protect national borders and to facilitate trade. SARS also works to expand the pool of tax contributors by promoting awareness of the obligation to voluntarily comply with tax and customs laws. SARS aims to conduct its activities in a way that enhances economic growth and social development. SARS reports to Minister of Finance

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Please note:

The Department of National Treasury made the National Treasury effective from 7 April 2021 now utilises an e-Recruitment System which means all applicants must login/register to apply for positions, we no longer accept applications via email or hand-delivered/post. Certain documentation will still be required to be uploaded on the system which must have a certification date (ID, Qualification etc.) of not older than 6 months.

List of Job Vacancies

PositionClosing DateView and Apply
Director-General (Fixed Term 5 Year Contract)14 June 2022 APPLY
Deputy Director-General: Economic Policy14 June 2022 APPLY
Deputy Director: IDMS Environment (Re-Advertisement)14 June 2022 APPLY
Ombud for Financial Services Providers (FAIS Ombud) Clothing Date 15 June 2022

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Please click on the LINK which will direct you to the e-Recruitment System.

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