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Are you considering joining the European Union’s (EU) diplomatic missions abroad and working for them? If yes, you might wish to think about working for the EU Delegation. The European Union Delegation represents European Union interests and upholds European Union ideals in non-European Union nations as the equivalent of an embassy.

The EU Delegation: What Is It?

A diplomatic mission called the European Union Delegation represents the European Union in nations outside of the European Union. It is essential to preserving and advancing ties between the European Union and its partner nations. An European Union Delegation’s primary responsibilities include:

1. Representing the European Union: The Delegation represents the European Union’s interests and policies in its host country, including political, economic, and trade matters.

2. Promoting European Union Values: The Delegation works towards promoting democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in its host country, aligning with the principles and values of the European Union.

3. Coordinating Development Cooperation: The Delegation manages and coordinates development cooperation programs and projects funded by the European Union in its host country.

4. Reporting and Analysis: The Delegation provides regular reports and analysis on political, economic, and social developments in its host country to relevant European Union institutions.

Recruitment Method

It’s critical to comprehend the hiring procedure if you’re interested in working for the European Union Delegation. Depending on the position type and level of responsibility, different selection processes are used within the European Union Delegation. However, there are several standard procedures that the majority of applicants will follow:

1. Job Vacancy Announcement: The first step is to keep an eye out for job vacancy announcements from the EU institutions or specific European Union Delegations. These announcements can be found on various platforms such as official websites, job portals, or through professional networks.

2. Application Submission: Once you find a suitable vacancy, you will need to submit your application online. The application usually consists of a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and a motivation letter. Some positions may require additional documents such as diplomas, certificates, or reference letters.

3. Pre-selection: After the application deadline, a pre-selection process takes place. This involves reviewing the applications received and shortlisting candidates based on their qualifications and experience.

4. Assessment Center: Shortlisted candidates are invited to an assessment center, where they undergo various tests and interviews to assess their skills, competencies, and suitability for the position. The assessment center may include group exercises, individual interviews, case studies, and presentations.

5. Final Selection: Based on the results of the assessment center, a final selection is made, and the successful candidate(s) are offered the position. The selected candidate(s) will then go through the necessary administrative procedures before starting their employment with the European Union Delegation.

Opportunities at EU Delegations

Working at an European Union Delegation offers a range of opportunities for professionals from various fields. Some common job profiles found within EU Delegations include:

1. Diplomats: Diplomats represent the European Union in diplomatic negotiations, meetings, and events. They engage in political dialogue with host country officials and stakeholders to promote European Union policies and interests.

2. Policy Officers: Policy officers work on specific policy areas such as human rights, trade, development cooperation, or environment. They analyze local developments, propose strategies, and implement European Union policies in their respective fields.

3. Project Managers: Project managers oversee development cooperation projects funded by the European Union in collaboration with local partners. They ensure effective project implementation, monitor progress, and evaluate results.

4. Communication Officers: Communication officers are responsible for promoting the work of the European Union Delegation through various channels such as press releases, social media, and public events. They also handle media relations and public diplomacy activities.

Current opportunities

Please visit the European External Action Service (EEAS) website ( to learn more about the current job openings at European Union delegations.

The European Union’s diplomatic and foreign policy branch is known as the EEAS. They keep a separate section of their website where they post job openings in European Union delegations across the world. Each position is fully described on the website, along with the requirements needed, duties, and application dates. Direct application is accepted through the EEAS website for interested candidates.

Application procedure

To apply for European Union delegations jobs, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the EU delegation career website : This is the primary resource for information on job opportunities and the application process for European Union delegations.
  2. Explore the job vacancies: On the website, you can find a dedicated section for job vacancies. Browse through the available positions and select the ones that match your qualifications and interests.
  3. Review the job requirements: Each job vacancy will have specific requirements, such as educational qualifications, language skills, and professional experience. Make sure you meet the criteria before applying.
  4. Prepare your application documents: Typically, you will need to submit a CV and a Cover letter. Tailor your documents to highlight your relevant skills and experiences for the specific job you are applying for.
  5. Submit your application: Follow the instructions provided on the website to submit your application.

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