ILO – International Labour Organisation, is Recruiting Office Assistant (Closes 16 Feb 2024)

brief background about ( ILO) International Labour Organisation

ILO – International Labour Organisation was formed in1919 under the treaty of Versailles. ILO – the Labour Commission, was chaired by Samuel Gompers, head of the American Federation of Labour (AFL) in the United States. It was composed of representatives from nine countries: Belgium, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) in South Africa is a nationwide programme which makes systematic use of public expenditure to boost productive employment and to develop marketable skills among Women, Youth, and People with Disability thereby contributing to the national goal of alleviating poverty.

Description of Duties

 Administrative tasks:

•     Maintain office administrative files and records. Search and select information and records in specified format or on the basis of general instructions for use by others in preparing reports, correspondence, technical papers, project or programme plans and general reference documents.
•    Provide advice and assist staff members and their dependents by processing requests for official visas, and other necessary administrative documents in accordance with the requirements of the Office and the United Nations and the country of the duty station.
•    Draft correspondence, emails, memoranda and reports on administrative matters from oral instructions, previous correspondence or other available information sources in accordance with standard office procedures.
•    Classify and code material relating to a number of subject-matter areas. Maintain general office files or provide guidance to the registry clerk in performing this duty.
•    Make travel arrangements, hotel reservations and prepare travel authorization forms.
•    Advise, respond, make arrangements and attend to procurement processes. 
•    Provide secretarial and/or administrative support for meetings, seminars and/or workshops.
•    Perform liaison duties with concerned stakeholders including delivery and collection of interdepartmental documents.

•    Maintain, update and transmit inventory records of non-expendable equipment.

Finance tasks:

•    Maintain financial records for project or other office accounts for which responsibility is assigned.
•    Code and record receipts and payments, verify the accuracy of calculations and the completeness of supporting documents, and maintain a continuing status of allotments against obligations.
•    Check and correct accounting information files (Computerised and/or manual) and identify incorrect data.
•    Enter financial data into computer and print financial reports.
•    Assist in preparing recurring reports on assigned accounts, noting problems resulting from excess cost or less than expected receipts.  Prepare reports to clarify problems or as requested for other reasons.
•    Calculate and compile cost estimates and assist in the preparation of budget statements for the project.
•    Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor. 

Required qualifications


Completion of Secondary school education plus formal training in accounting, finance or business administration from a recognized commercial school or equivalent.


Four years of experience in clerical administrative work including record keeping and processing of information and basic knowledge of report writing.


Excellent knowledge of English and good knowledge of one of the official national languages of South Africa.


–    Knowledge of general office procedures and proficient in the use of standard office equipment.
–    Good knowledge of PC software (including word processor and spreadsheet and presentation software) such as Microsoft Office.
–    In addition to the ILO core competencies [Integrity and transparency, Sensitivity to diversity, Orientation to learning and knowledge sharing, Client orientation, Communication, Orientation to change,
–    Takes responsibility for performance, Quality orientation, Collaboration], this position requires:
–    Ability to work within the applicable rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
–    Ability to adapt quickly to new software and systems. 
–    Ability to search, retrieve and compile information from a variety of sources. 
–    Ability to draft standard correspondence. 
–    Ability to reply in an appropriate manner to telephone, email and in-person inquiries.
–    Ability to maintain records and files and update databases.
–    Attention to detail in order to identify data discrepancies.
–    A high degree of discretion with sense of responsibility in dealing with confidential matters.
–    Ability to work in a multicultural environment and to demonstrate gender-sensitive and non-discriminatory behaviour and attitudes.

Working at the International Labour Organization (ILO) offers several compelling reasons:

Meaningful Impact: The ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to promoting social justice and decent work for all. By working at the ILO, you have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of working conditions, employment opportunities, and social protection for people around the world. Your work can have a positive impact on the lives of workers and their families, fostering inclusive and sustainable development.

Global Scope: The ILO operates on a global scale, working with governments, employers, and workers from various countries and sectors. This global reach allows you to engage with diverse cultures, gain international experience, and broaden your understanding of labor issues and practices worldwide. It also provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, and learning from experts in the field.

Multidisciplinary Approach: The ILO takes a multidisciplinary approach to address labor-related challenges. It brings together professionals from various disciplines, including economics, law, social sciences, and technical fields, to develop comprehensive and innovative solutions. Working at the ILO allows you to collaborate with experts from different backgrounds, fostering a rich and dynamic work environment.

Policy Development and Advocacy: The ILO plays a crucial role in setting international labor standards, formulating policies, and advocating for their implementation. By working at the ILO, you can contribute to the development of progressive labor policies, research, and analysis, influencing national and international labor laws and practices. This provides an opportunity to shape the future of labor rights and social justice.

Learning and Professional Development: The ILO offers a range of learning and professional development opportunities for its staff. These include training programs, workshops, conferences, and access to a vast network of experts and practitioners in the field of labor and employment. Working at the ILO allows you to enhance your skills, knowledge, and expertise, keeping you at the forefront of labor-related issues and developments.

Collaborative and Inclusive Culture: The ILO fosters a collaborative and inclusive culture, valuing diversity and promoting gender equality. It encourages dialogue, cooperation, and partnerships with governments, employers, workers’ organizations, and civil society. Working at the ILO provides an opportunity to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, building relationships and fostering consensus to achieve common goals.

It is important to note that specific opportunities and benefits at the ILO may vary depending on the position, location, and level of engagement. It is recommended to explore the ILO’s official website, job postings, and reach out to current or former employees to gain more detailed insights into the specific opportunities available and the requirements for joining the organization.

Assessed candidates who will be considered as appointable but not selected for this position can also be offered to be assigned on another temporary position at the same or at a lower grade provided that said candidates possesses the minimum qualifications for this position.

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