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Electrician Job work permit is one such immigration pathway that helps interested candidates to work and stay in the country and fulfil their dreams. In order to resolve rising demands of skilled workers in various provinces in Canada, the federal government of Canada has framed and designed various immigrant friendly policies. These policies and immigration pathways support foreign skilled workers to earn good money in the areas of their interest and gain Canadian work experience, that further boosts career.

Considering the ageing population of Canada, there is a huge requirement of skilled workers for electrician jobs in Canada. The local markets and industries require efficient skilled workers for electrician jobs in Canada for foreigners. To have bright career in Canada, interested candidates must understand the Canada immigration pathways that can help them secure electrician jobs in Canada. 

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What is Canada Work Permit?

The Canada work permit provides legal authorization to immigrants, young professionals, foreign skilled and semi-skilled workers, international graduates to work and stay in particular Canadian province for a certain time period, in case they have valid job offer supported by a copy of positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

In order to hire efficient and ideal candidates for the occupation of electrician as well as to meet growing demands of electricians in local labour markets, industries and other sectors, the Canadian employers must get Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that helps skilled workers to secure Canada work permit in hassle free manner.

Checklist for Canada Work Permit for Electricians

➞ Class 12 education (minimum)
➞ Minimum three years of relevant work experience of electrician jobs
➞ A valid job or employment offer letter by Canadian employer, who has secured Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
➞ Proficiency in English – Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. Five bands each in IELTS modules is a must for candidate seeking work opportunity in Canada as an electrician
➞ Good medical condition

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➞ Security clearance certificate to be obtained by candidate from local police station
➞ Sufficient funds and strong financial condition
➞ Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – A certificate to showcase that candidate’s educational qualifications matches the Canadian academic standard. Those who have studied in other countries (not in Canada) must get an ECA from agencies like World Education Services (WES), which provides complete evaluation to candidates within 20 working days.

Average Salary Of Electrician in Canada

An electrician can earn $66,300 (Canadian Dollar or CAD) per year or $34 per hour on average basis in Canada. Electricians working at entry level or having experience of some months can earn $53,201 CAD per year, while experienced electricians can get $81,198 CAD per year.

How to Get Electrician Work Permit in Canada In 2023?

It is important to note that electricians can secure work permit for Canada under Temporary Foreign Worker Programme. Experts also say that most of the Canadian industries hire foreign skilled workers, including electricians, through this immigration programme.

Electricians generally work in electricity supplier (distribution) or maintenance organisations, construction sites, workshops, special projects, mining, manufacturing units, heavy industries and so on. Canadian industry requires trained and capable electricians, who are able to work as domestic, industrial or commercial electricians.

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Role and Responsibilities of Electricians –

➤ Assemble, test, install and repair electrical wirings, equipment, fixtures, appliances and so on
➤ Understand wiring layout in a building to be able to repair and maintain it efficiently
➤ Install brackets, hangers and other necessary devices related to electricity distribution, supply and maintenance

➤ Check electricity circuits regularly
➤ Identify fault and repair it immediately in electricity supply system
➤ Regularly conduct maintenance activities

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