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Program Overview

Foster Caregivers provide safe, educational environments for children while their parents are at work and take care of their basic needs, including dressing, feeding, and supervising play and nap times. Foster Caregivers typically work in childcare centers, private daycares, or their own homes and have fun and enthusiastic personalities.

We are looking for a compassionate, patient Foster Caregiver to join our daycare and help us to provide a safe “home-away-from-home” for our children. The responsibilities of the Foster Caregiver include creating an enriching learning environment and looking after the basic needs of the children under their care.

To be a successful Foster Caregiver, you should be patient, enthusiastic, and fun-loving. Ultimately, a top-notch Foster Caregiver loves working with children and is passionate about child development and care.

Foster Caregiver Responsibilities:

  • Planning, implementing, and supervising structured, educational group activities.
  • Preparing, organizing, and supervising mealtimes and snacks with nutritional food selections.
  • Planning and supervising balanced routines that include physical activities, rest, and playtime.
  • Providing responsible care and maintaining all safety standards.
  • Ensuring a safe, sanitary, and orderly environment.
  • Maintaining professional and positive relationships with parents, children, and staff.
  • Notifying supervisors and parents of any signs of emotional or developmental issues.
  • Providing structure and accountability that is firm but compassionate.
  • Assisting children in the bathroom or with diapering tasks as needed.
  • Encouraging children to participate in all activities.

Foster Caregiver Requirements:

  • A high school diploma or GED.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in early childcare or early childhood development is advantageous.
  • Up-to-date first aid and CPR certifications.
  • Ability to pass background checks and drug tests.
  • A minimum of 1 year’s experience in a professional childcare environment.
  • Strong working knowledge of childhood development.
  • Physical fitness and the ability to perform tasks such as sitting on the floor, bending, and lifting children.
  • Creativity and a willingness to sing, dance, and be silly and fun-loving with children.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, professionalism, and patience.
  • Exceptional listening skills, compassion, and the ability to remain calm at all times.

Foster Caregiver

Oak Hill Ranch

Edmonton, AB


  • High school diploma or GED


  • Class 5 Licence


  • Dental care
  • Paid time off
  • Work from home
  • Company events

Oak Hill Ranch is an accredited campus-based treatment facility with a designation in Intensive Treatment. With the support of Children and Family Services, family and other healthy support networks, we strive to create a therapeutic environment that assists in the young person’s growth and development. We offer services to youth between the ages of 9-16 years of age who present various behavioural and emotional challenges. Oak Hill Ranch is located ½ mile south of the town of Bon Accord (20 min. N of Edmonton).


Title: Therapeutic Foster Caregiver

Status: Contractor

Job Description:

Aligning with the 6 care principles at Oak Hill, the Therapeutic Foster Caregiver position is within our family-based program model. The Therapeutic Foster Caregiver acts as the primary caregiver in the life of the young person in our care.

As the primary caregiver, you will be opening up your home to support a young person in need of a safe, stable and therapeutic placement. As one of the key members of our team, theTherapeutic Foster Caregiver will be focusing on the 6 care principles that help foster conditions for change which leads us to strive towards our primary goal, which is to achieve congruence in the best interests of the child.

Our Care Principles

Developmentally Focused

  • All children have the same basic requirements for growth and development.
  • Children learn best when skills are within their zone of proximal development.
  • Children need support to engage their innate capacity to grow and develop.

Family is actively Involved

  • Contact with the family is an indicator of successful treatment.
  • Planning for adequate community support is essential for a successful return.
  • The child’s ethnic and cultural identity is tied to the family.


  • The ability to form relationships is associated with healthy development and life success.
  • Relationships are central to helping children build competencies.
  • Children respond to people they trust.


  • Problem-solving skills, flexibility, critical thinking, and insight are necessary life skills.
  • Focusing on strengths and positive attributes helps build a positive identity.
  • The child’s strengths and resources are the biggest factors in making positive change.


  • Trauma has a debilitating effect on children’s growth and development.
  • Maintaining a non-coercive and safe environment is essential for children to learn new responses to stressful situations. Challenging behaviour is often pain-based behaviour.


  • Children learn by interacting with their environment.
  • The environment is influenced by the interactions with the children and staff.


This position is a full-time position with a salary range of $40,000.00-$80,000.00 per year. The salary received is based on multiple factors including but not limited to:

  • Applicant’s education
  • Applicant’s experience
  • The young persons’ level of care needs
  • The amount of additional support received in the program


  • Child and Youth Workers: 3 years (preferred)
  • Social Work: 3 years (preferred)
  • Foster parent: 3 years (preferred)
  • Criminology, Psychology, Nursing, or other human services fields: 5 years (preferred)

Key Responsibilities: *NOTE* This is not a comprehensive list of the job description, but an overall understanding of the position:

  • Constructs and revises individual treatment plans and daily evaluation sheets in consultation with other unit workers and resource people (psychologists, teachers, volunteers, family, etc.).
  • Prepares and presents reports outlining the treatment progress of young people.
  • Observes, assesses and documents significant behaviours emitted by a young person in activity logs and reports.
  • Creates and designs age-appropriate, daily living activities as a forum for therapeutic and educational interventions.
  • Initiates, organizes, monitors and actively participates in group activities, (special outings, concerts, sports, dances, party games, crafts, camping, music) as part of the treatment plan.
  • On an ongoing basis, observes and assesses interactions, behaviours and affect.
  • Teaches, supports and assists young people in acquiring appropriate skills relating to daily chores, routines, and personal hygiene habits.
  • Escorts young people to medical, dental and optical appointments as necessary.
  • Advocates and actively builds a therapeutic relationship with young people (and family) through interactive play, activities, and personal interactions.
  • Provides opportunities for young people to focus on developing new skills based on their needs.
  • Intervenes in a crisis with young people, utilizing non-physical de-escalation restraint practices as necessary.
  • Maintains a therapeutic approach to behaviour management and explains behavioural expectations and consequences to young people.

Skills & Abilities

  • You can provide a safe and stable home.
  • You can provide an environment that promotes the personal and social growth of the young person in care.
  • You can support the individual in care with daily activity planning.
  • You can guide with learning independent living skills; for example, meal
  • planning and preparation, scheduling of health care appointments, and providing supports for goals of care.
  • Must be able to make a long-term commitment and provide 24/7 support as required.
  • Must be able to support an individual with disabilities with community engagement and skill development for independent living.

What Supports do we Provide?

  • 24-hour support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Training and Education.
  • Frequent visits and regular telephone contact from a qualified and suitably experienced Program Supervisor.
  • An excellent package of financial support that values your skills as a TFP.
  • Regular support through group meetings with other TFP to share experiences and knowledge.
  • Child and Youth Care Worker support as needed.
  • Organized activities for you, your family and the children you look after at the Oak Hill Ranch.
  • Access to a therapist for consultations and individual therapy for any child placed with you, as appropriate when needed.

Qualifications and Professional Experience:

  • Diploma/Degree in Human Services, preference given to Child and Youth Care and Social Work disciplines.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience working with high-risk youth in out-of-home placements.
  • Experience & knowledge in First Nations culture is an asset for all positions.
  • Valid class 5 driver’s license.
  • Standard 1st Aid (level C) and ASIST Suicide Certificate(s) are required; however, courses are offered after commencement.
  • Clean Police Security Clearance, Clean Intervention Record Check and 2-million-dollar vehicle insurance are conditions of employment and the candidate’s financial responsibility.

Recruitment Bonus: A recruitment incentive bonus program will be established for current employees or contractors who successfully refer a new therapeutic caregiver. Successful referrals will be determined by the successful orientation, onboarding, and contribution past a 3-month period of full-time caregiving by the new therapeutic caregiver.

Retention Bonus: Oak Hill Foundation will offer a 6,12,18, and 24-month incentive bonus for our therapeutic caregivers caring for a young person on a full-time basis.

**Effective September 28, 2021, Oak Hill Ranch requires that all employees/contractors be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof thereof as a condition of employment**

Thank you for your interest in Oak Hill Ranch. We only contact candidates who are selected for interviews.

Oak Hill Ranch is committed to promoting equal employment opportunities for all members of the community regardless of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, age, family status, health status, physical characteristics, or disability.


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $40,000.00-$80,000.00 per year


  • Company events
  • Paid time off
  • Work from home

Supplemental pay types:

  • Retention bonus

Application question(s):

  • Would you be able to provide a clean criminal record check?
  • Would you be able to provide a clean child intervention check?
  • Would you be able to provide a clean 3-year drivers abstract with a full class 5 Alberta drivers license, including proof of $2-million liability?
  • How many people are in your home under the age of 18 years old?
  • Are you willing and able to support a young person living in your home for a full 12-15 month long period?
  • Would you be willing to work on-site at Oak Hill Ranch for 160 hours prior to a young person being placed in your home?


  • Secondary School (preferred)


  • Child and Youth Worker or Group Care: 3 years (preferred)

Work Location: Remote

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