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Target Audience


Program Overview

Tutors help students to revise work covered in class and expand on concepts that need further explanations.

Rainy Day Learning Co is looking for a patient tutor who excelled in the subject or subjects they are wanting to help the student with. A tutor’s responsibilities include preparing lessons that are grade and subject-appropriate, asking students about upcoming assessments, and providing parents with progress updates.

To be a successful tutor you must be punctual, friendly, and approachable. A good tutor will make students feel comfortable enough to share what they are struggling with and find new ways to help students with their unique challenges.

Tutor Responsibilities:

  • Remaining up to date with the school curriculum and subject-specific content.
  • Being punctual to all appointments.
  • Traveling to students’ homes to provide lessons.
  • Ensuring that if any changes need to be made to meeting times, it is done in a reasonable time frame.
  • Maintaining communication with parents to update them on the student’s progress.
  • Researching learning resources to use during lessons.

Tutor Requirements:

  • A high school qualification or equivalent.
  • Experience working as a tutor would be advantageous.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A driver’s license with access to a vehicle.
  • Be punctual and professional.

Tutors in Math, Science, Humanities, School Support, Art (and other areas)

Rainy Day Learning Co



  • Bachelor’s


  • Tutoring
  • Teaching

Hi! Are you an experienced tutor with a deep curiosity and love of learning? Do you want to learn a ton about education and help kids accomplish things that really matter to them?

If so, this job might be a great fit – read on!

(Note: we’re especially looking for people skilled at math, science, general school support, humanities, art, music ….. but if you have a different specialty and think this looks position like a great fit, please be in touch. We’re looking for a broad set of humans to work with!)

My name is Matt, and I LOVE education – I’ve been doing it for 25 years, since I was in high-school. As a professional, my specialty is working with kids who have learning disabilities or other ways of learning differently ( As a human being, I am curious about virtually everything, and love learning to new things: entrepreneurship, business, music, theater, technology, psychology, economics and more. My first business was an in person tutoring centre that we grew from 3 employees and 10 students to 50 employees and 300 students! It was a great adventure – and it’s still helping kids today.

Today, I’m launching something new – it’s an online learning club for families (that includes “tutoring club”). It’s called Rainy Day Learning Club, and it’s a club of clubs, with special interest clubs for music, animals, gaming, academics, parenting, and more. As part of that, we’re offering tutoring that’s a bit different from ‘regular tutoring’

  • I build learning plans for each kid, and cases are supervised by me – I help design and implement the programs, provide feedback to tutors, and coordinate across tutors to make sure that the big picture plan for that student and family are working.
  • Our members can drop in for help with homework between sessions, attend workshops on learning, and use executive function tools we provide (in addition to their tutoring)
  • We work with kids who are all kinds of different – kids with learning differences; people on the autism spectrum; those who are dealing with mental illness; gifted kids – really any neurodiversity, as long as they want to learn!
  • Tutoring can be about school, grades, and other traditional things – or, it can be a deep dive into the subject; learning a skill; or doing a project. Whatever the tutor and student agree will be useful!
  • We train our teachers to work with kids who learn differently, and we provide ongoing professional development, and a collaborative approach to our cases. If you already know everything, this learning club is not the right place for you!

This is a position where you’re expected to learn constantly! It’s good for people who like feedback, who are eager to learn more about special education, and who are kindhearted passionate learners who will generously share what they know with their colleagues, and eagerly learn from their colleagues expertise.

Here’s some details about the position. It includes a few things that I think are a bit inconvenient (e.g. our cancellation policy), and I totally understand that it won’t work for everyone. But there’s some unique benefits too, and I think it’s going to be an awesome position for the right people. I’m passionate about creating a club that is awesome to work for – that pays you well, helps you grow, and gives you super fun teaching experiences where you can share all the awesome stuff you know.

If you think it’s a good fit, I really want to hear from you!

How it works:

  • Tutors tutor, and are paid as contractors based on the number of hours tutored. Any prep required is not paid. We want you to stay for a while – at least a year – but there’s no time-frame on the contract. If you need to leave mid-year, we ask that you take care to help your students transition to another teacher, but we understand that it happens.
  • We’ll be filling schedules during the summer, and it’s our hope that most tutors will be full by the start of October, but we can’t guarantee we’re going to fill your hours.
  • We offer flexible cancellations, which means students can flexibly reschedule sessions (if you’re available! otherwise they might see someone else that week). We work with clients to make sure they don’t misuse that policy, and that your time is respected.
  • You make a certain number of hours available each week (10-25) – it needs to be roughly the same number of hours each week. This includes scheduled sessions, and a couple of ‘open hours’ so your clients can book extra sessions when they need them.
  • We’ll be doing some paid training over the summer and September (about 4 hours), plus there is a small amount of required reading to make sure you understand how we handle important elements of the tutoring process: setting goals with students, talking with parents, and dealing with neurodiversity and other challenges that come up.

Pay Range: $35-$50/hr, depending on the depth and breadth of your experience.

Are you intrigued? Ready for a different kind of teaching experience? I hope to hear from you!

Job Type: Part-time
Part-time hours: 10-25 per week

Salary: $35.00-$50.00 per hour

Flexible Language Requirement:

  • French not required

Application question(s):

  • Tell me about your teaching experience
  • What’s your availability for teaching, September to June?
  • What’s your ideal number of weekly teaching hours?
  • What stood out about the job posting for you? i.e. what made you want to apply?


  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferred)

Work Location: Remote

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