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With some basic knowledge, dedication, and skills you will find nice unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship in Europe. One of the best and least expensive ways to explore the continent of Europe is through visa sponsorship jobs. And no, you do not need to become a professional in a particular field to access this.

In this article, we have outlined all you need to know about unskilled jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship. At the end of this article, you will know what it takes to land your first job in any of the European countries of your choice.

Also, you will have a better understanding of the basic skills needed in the various industries where unskilled job vacancies are found. 

No doubt, with the information from this article, you should be able to position yourself and start applying for a resident permit soonest. But first, what are unskilled jobs in Europe?

What are Unskilled Jobs in Europe?

Just like the word, Unskilled jobs are jobs that do not require a degree or specialties. These jobs basically require manual labor, very often, it is directed towards service positions.

Some common examples of unskilled jobs in Europe include:

  • Cleaners
  • Construction workers
  • Factory workers
  • Farm workers
  • Agricultural workers
  • Care workers
  • Cleaners
  • Construction workers
  • Factory workers
  • Food service workers
  • Hotel workers
  • Laborers
  • Retail workers
  • Security guards
  • Taxi drivers
  • Warehouse workers etc

Although some of these jobs are usually low-paid compared to skilled workersโ€™ salaries and often come with low opportunities for improvement or advancement.

However, they are a good way to start a career in Europe, which offers you the freedom to explore Europe. Also, since the nature of these jobs is highly flexible, you can get certified in other areas, creating room for personal advancement.ย 

However, Unskilled jobs in Europe are mostly performed by immigrants and refugees. Except in some cases where students get these jobs as a side hustle while completing academic duties.

In addition, unskilled jobs require little or no skill specification, to excel in any of these roles, you have to be adaptable and willing to learn new skills in order to stay employed.

Now, letโ€™s take a look at some unskilled jobs in Europe that come with visa sponsorship.

Visa Sponsored Unskilled Jobs in Europe?

Unskilled visa sponsorship jobs in Europe refer to job offers given with visa sponsorship. This implies that your employer in Europe is responsible for your visa application process. They do the hard work by processing your documents and submitting them to the European government for approval.ย 

So, if you are eligible for a visa sponsorship job, you will be allowed access to Europe with little hassle since your local resident country will receive a notification from Europe of your appointment. Also, visa-sponsored jobs come with free work and a residence permit which means, you wonโ€™t be spending anything procuring your papers on arrival in Europe. 

However, to be eligible for a visa sponsorship job in Europe, you must meet the basic requirements. Letโ€™s talk about that in the next section

How to get a Job in Europe with Sponsorship?

To get a visa sponsorship job, you must meet the requirements attached to the advertised job. To be eligible for a visa-sponsored unskilled job in Europe, you need to meet these requirements

  • have a job offer from a European employer.
  • Have enough money to sustain you during your stay in Europe, at least before you get your first pay.
  • Meet the basic entry requirements for the country where you will be working. Ensure you research by country to be certain what is needed and what is not
  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a clear Criminal record signed by authorities in your residence country 

Please note, before you proceed with your application, ensure you visit the official government website for the particle European country you choose to work in.

How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in Germany

There are different ways to apply or search for unskilled jobs in Europe. Either you apply via official job search portals or you get someone in Europe to do the search for you (A recruitment agency would serve here) Either way, Itโ€™s best if you work with a reputable job search website and recruitment agencies when searching for unskilled jobs in Europe.ย 

Here are some of the top Job searchย websites for Unskilled jobs in Europeย with visa sponsorship.

  1. Indeed
  2. Jobrapido
  3. EURES
  4. EuropJobs
  5. Fasthire
  6. Monster
  7. Work In Berlin
  8. Stepstone

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, you can also work with reputable job agencies in Europe to find and apply for unskilled jobs that match your description.

Here are some of the top job agencies in Europe you can work with:

  • Approach People Recruitment
  • European Recruitment
  • Tiger Recruitment
  • EMEA Recruitment
  • Euro London Appointments
  • Hays
  • Michael Page
  • Kelly Services
  • Randstad
  • Adecco
  • Antal International
  • ManpowerGroup

Top Unskilled Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

Below are the top common unskilled jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship. 

  • Cleaners
  • Construction workers
  • Farm workers
  • Agricultural workers
  • Care workers
  • Construction workers
  • Factory workers
  • Food service workers
  • Hotel workers
  • Caregivers 
  • Laborers
  • Retail workers
  • Security guards
  • Taxi drivers
  • Warehouse workers 

1. Cleaner

Cleaners are needed in almost every institution and organization in Europe. The continent is blessed with so many companies in need of both industrial and commercial cleaners. As a cleaner, you can take up multiple cleaning jobs or other jobs as you will be working shifts depending on the organization you choose to work with.

2. Hotel Jobs

In Europe, you will find tons of hotels seeking foreign workers with free visa sponsorship. However, unlike other unskilled jobs that do not require specific skills, in European Hotels, you are required to have some basic skills. One of such skills is your ability to speak proper English. and practice social conduct in the most professional way.ย 

3. Nanny Jobs

Almost every household in Europe needs Nannies due to the increasing rate of working-class moms. Because it is almost impossible for these 9-5 moms to cater to the needs of their young children, they most often opt for Nannies. 

In addition, the Nanny job role comes with additional benefits. First, as a nanny, you may be offered accommodation by your employer. More so, you get the opportunity to become part of a European family if you play your cards right. And to mention, Nannies in Europe are well-paid and very easy to get.

4. Security Jobs

The total number of employed unskilled workers in Europe reviewed that Security Jobs are the most common. This is evident in the fact that everyone, both homeowners, companies, and communities needs trained security personnel to keep their properties and lives safe.  

However, to work efficiently in this role, you need to possess some level of security certification. More so, you need to go through special training to be fit for the role.

5. Caregivers

As the aging population in Europe continues to increase, there is an increasing need for personal caregivers. As a caregiver, your job role involves taking care of people who can not take care of themselves. For example, a sick elderly person who can perform basic needs. Additionally, caregivers work both in private homes and in corporate bodies.ย 

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