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What we do matters. We define, shape and advance Canada’s interests and values in a complex and evolving global environment. We manage diplomatic relations, promote international trade and provide consular support to Canadians. We lead international development, humanitarian, and peace and security assistance efforts. We also contribute to national security and the development of international law

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Why should you work for the Canadian Embassy?

Working for the Canadian Embassy can offer several benefits and rewarding experiences. Here are some reasons why individuals choose to work for the Canadian Embassy:

  1. Diplomatic and International Relations: The Canadian Embassy provides opportunities to work in the field of diplomacy and international relations. It allows individuals to represent Canada’s interests, engage in diplomatic negotiations, and foster relationships with other countries. This work can contribute to promoting Canadian values, advancing foreign policy objectives, and addressing global challenges.
  2. Multicultural Environment: The Canadian Embassy operates in various countries and interacts with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Working at the embassy provides exposure to different cultures, perspectives, and ways of doing business. It offers opportunities to develop cross-cultural communication skills and gain a broader understanding of global affairs.
  3. Networking and Collaboration: The Canadian Embassy facilitates networking and collaboration with professionals from different fields, both within the embassy and with external stakeholders. It enables individuals to build connections with government officials, business leaders, civil society representatives, and other diplomats. These networks can be valuable for career advancement and future opportunities.
  4. Advancing Canadian Interests: Working for the Canadian Embassy allows individuals to play a role in advancing Canadian interests abroad. This can involve promoting trade and investment, supporting Canadian businesses abroad, fostering cultural exchanges, and advocating for Canadian values and policies. It offers a chance to contribute to Canada’s international presence and influence.
  5. Professional Development: The Canadian Embassy provides opportunities for professional growth and development. It offers training programs, workshops, and mentoring to enhance skills and knowledge in areas such as diplomacy, international affairs, policy analysis, and cultural intelligence. Employees can gain valuable experience and expand their expertise in a dynamic and challenging environment.
  6. Supporting Canadians Abroad: The Canadian Embassy plays a crucial role in providing consular services and assistance to Canadian citizens abroad. By working at the embassy, individuals have the opportunity to support and protect the well-being of Canadians living or traveling in the host country. This can involve assisting with emergencies, providing consular advice, and facilitating access to services.
  7. Contributing to Global Issues: The Canadian Embassy engages with international organizations, participates in global initiatives, and addresses pressing global issues such as human rights, climate change, and sustainable development. Working at the embassy offers a platform to contribute to these important global agendas and make a positive impact on critical global challenges.

Here is a list of Job Vacancies available at the Canadian embassy

Position titleCountryCityJob functionPosting dateClosing date
Designated Migration Officer – Temporary Resident /Migration Program OfficerUnited Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiOfficer2024-04-122024-04-26
JanitorNigeriaAbujaGeneral Services2024-04-122024-04-28
Program Clerk, IMCUnited Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiAdministrative2024-04-122024-04-26
Trade Program CoordinatorUSAAtlantaAdministrative2024-04-102024-04-17
LEITP (O1) and LEITP – Team Lead (O2)PhilippinesMakati CityOfficer2024-04-102024-04-24
Senior Advocacy Officer (LEO2) & Political Affairs Officer (LEO1)PolandWarsawOfficer2024-04-082024-04-28
Designated Migration Officer, IMCAustriaViennaOfficer2024-04-082024-04-22
Health Admissibility Adjudicator, IMCUnited KingdomLondonAdministrative2024-04-052024-04-21
Maintenance TechnicianSouth AfricaPretoriaGeneral Services2024-04-052024-04-18
Program AssistantAustraliaCanberraAdministrative2024-04-032024-04-21

Position titleCountryCityJob functionPosting dateClosing date
Maintenance TechnicianAustraliaCanberraGeneral Services2024-04-032024-04-14
FPDS OfficerBelgiumBrusselsOfficer2024-04-022024-04-23
Consular CoordinatorArmeniaYerevanAdministrative2024-04-022024-04-28
Program/Administrative Assistant (POOL)United KingdomLondonAdministrative2024-04-022024-04-28
Development OfficerGuatemalaGuatemala CityOfficer2024-04-012024-04-21
Senior Program Assistant (Canadian Defence Attaché)USAWashington D.CAdministrative2024-04-012024-04-15
Common Services Clerk (Reception)SwitzerlandBernAdministrative2024-03-282024-04-21
Program Analyst CoordinatorFranceParisAdministrative2024-03-282024-04-21
Senior Trade Officer (Agri-food, Consumer Products)USABostonOfficer2024-03-282024-04-18
EDC OfficerVietnamHo Chi Minh CityOfficer2024-03-272024-04-20

It’s important to note that specific experiences and opportunities may vary depending on the location, role, and responsibilities within the Canadian Embassy. Interested individuals should review the official website of the embassy or consult with embassy representatives to gather detailed information about specific job openings, requirements, and application procedures.

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