BRAC Inclusion Fellowship: Capstone Research Programme 2021

BRAC social innovation organization offers a fantastic opportunity BRAC Inclusion Fellowship’ a capstone research program for students and individuals in their early-stage career. BRAC, through this fellowship, aims to understand the gaps in various DFS fields and then provide detailed recommendations of policies at the end of the research study. Especially the gap factors of the lower-income class of society in DFs should be focused on while designing recommendations.

This fellowship program will also promote the use of mobile money among its clients. In addition, individuals will be expected to have an academic and research insight into the field of finance and gender equality. BRAC is a youth-led development organization serving in 11 countries of Asia and Africa. They aim to act as a catalyst to support individuals and create opportunities for poor people to realize their potential to end poverty.

Here are more details about the BRAC Inclusion Fellowship

Deadline is December 15, 2021

Financial coverage: Partially Funded

Eligibility Criteria :

Here are the criteria for BRAC inclusion fellowship:

  • Students in the final year of their graduation can apply.
  • Individuals in their early stage of career can apply.
  • Fluency in English is a must. Also, Bangla’s language proficiency will be considered a plus point.
  • Applicants also have to prove diversity in work and perspective.

Benefits :

BRAC inclusion fellowship offer the following benefits:

  • Experts from the industry working on the social environment and anti-poverty programs will provide guidance and mentorship.
  • Logistics of filed-related support will be provided to the researchers like translators, sampling interviewees, field travel, logistics. However, this is subjected to the pandemic state in the country.
  • For research methodologies, limited funding will also be provided.

Other details :

This program aims to find researchers to explore the following questions while promoting digital financial services. The questions of which the answers to be explored by the researchers are as follows:

  1. How can the DFS continuity barriers in the ultra-poor communities be addressed?
  2. What initiatives should programs take to reduce the increasing digital gender gap in developing countries?
  3. What are different ways for policymakers and development practitioners to incorporate the changes needed into the existing DFS system?
  4. How can the DFS ecosystem be more client-centric and unscathed?
  5. What role can consumer protection play in mending the DFS design?

Application Process:

Follow the link to apply for the BRAC inclusion fellowship.

Following documents will be required:

  • A research proposal consisting of the following things (concept, methodology, analytical framework, timeline, and early plan for dissemination).
  • Profile of the researcher or the research team (include a short bio, LinkedIn profile, and resume)
  • Samples and publications link.
  • The financial proposal is optional.

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