Madam Boss Introduces An Educative & Opportunity Platform for Students

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Hamugone Ku researcher here ??
Madam Boss

with Munashe & George – Campus lifestyle



  • Campus lifestyle is an NGO, registered as a Trust with the government of Zimbabwe to provide useful information, favorable products, and services to tertiary education students in Zimbabwe.
  • Campus lifestyle is in partnership with individuals, public and private organizations for the fulfillment of its objectives.
  • Campus Lifestyle promotes innovation, collaboration, networking, and entrepreneurship among tertiary students as well as graduates from institutions of higher learning.
  • Campus lifestyle has programs and initiatives that empower tertiary students prior to their enrolment, during their enrolment and post their graduation. (
  • Campus lifestyle has an online platform, which is a place of opportunities, motivation, empowerment, mentorship, leadership development, etc.


  • To be the most preferred global community for tertiary education students.


  • To provide information, favorable products, and services as well as to empower the tertiary education students across Zimbabwe and other African Developing Countries.
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