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Visa Sponsorship Agricultural Laborer Jobs In USA 2023-The United States of America (USA) is a highly sought-after destination for individuals aspiring to fulfill their dreams. With its abundant opportunities, many individuals are keen on learning how to secure employment in the USA. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process of applying for Agricultural Laborer Jobs in the USA in 2023, shedding light on the necessary requirements.

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Applying for agricultural laborer positions necessitates a thorough understanding of the application process. In this article, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to successfully apply for these jobs. Furthermore, we will explore the prerequisites for applying, ensuring you are well-prepared. To assist you further, we have included links to reliable websites where you can find a variety of agricultural laborer jobs in the USA.

It’s important to note that certain employers may even offer visa sponsorship opportunities for foreign workers. By reading this post, you will gain invaluable insights into how to navigate the application process for agricultural labor jobs in the USA.

Job Details

  • Country: United States
  • Who can apply: International Applicants
  • Sponsorship Visa: Yes
  • Relocation: Yes
  • Visa Support: Yes
  • Package: Different in All Jobs
  • Salary: 18 USD Per Hour


  • Competitive Compensation
  • Career Growth and Stability
  • Access to Modern Techniques and Technologies
  • Immigration Opportunities
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Contribution to Food Security
  • Job Satisfaction

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Types of Agricultural Laborer Jobs In USA

Farm Workers

Farm workers play a critical role in the agricultural industry, contributing to crop production and overall farm operations. They are involved in various tasks such as planting, cultivating, harvesting, pruning, irrigation management, pest control, and equipment operation. Their hard work ensures successful crop growth and maintenance of farms. Farm workers also assist in general farm maintenance and may be involved in seasonal tasks specific to the type of crops or region. Their dedication and contribution are essential for sustaining food production, promoting agricultural sustainability, and supporting the economy.

Livestock Handlers

Livestock handlers are crucial in the agricultural industry, as they are responsible for the care, management, and well-being of animals. They play a vital role in ensuring that livestock receive proper nutrition, medical attention, and housing. Livestock handlers are involved in various tasks such as herding, breeding, milking (in dairy operations), and maintaining animal facilities. Their expertise in animal care and adherence to welfare standards contribute to the overall success and sustainability of livestock operations. By prioritizing the health and welfare of animals, livestock handlers contribute to the production of high-quality livestock products while promoting responsible and ethical practices.

Horticultural Workers

Horticultural workers are essential in the agricultural industry, specializing in the cultivation and care of plants, flowers, and trees. They perform tasks such as planting, irrigation, pest control, pruning, and harvesting. Horticultural workers ensure plants receive proper nutrition, manage pests and diseases, and maintain optimal growing conditions. They play a crucial role in landscape maintenance and design, creating and caring for gardens and public spaces. With their expertise and attention to detail, horticultural workers contribute to the beauty, productivity, and environmental well-being of horticultural areas.

Agricultural Inspectors

Agricultural inspectors are essential in maintaining quality, safety, and compliance within the agricultural industry. They perform inspections on crops, livestock, and agricultural facilities to ensure adherence to regulations and standards. Agricultural inspectors monitor for pests and diseases, enforce sanitary practices, and assess product quality. They also collect samples for testing, maintain records, and provide education and guidance to industry stakeholders. Their role is crucial in promoting food safety, protecting plant and animal health, and upholding regulatory standards in the agricultural sector.

Farm Labor Contractors

Farm labor contractors play a crucial role in the agricultural industry by recruiting, hiring, and managing farm workers on behalf of farmers and agricultural businesses. They handle tasks such as recruitment, labor management, compliance with labor laws, transportation and housing arrangements, communication and coordination, record-keeping, worker training and safety, and seasonal workforce management. Farm labor contractors serve as a bridge between farmers and workers, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to regulations. Their expertise and services contribute to the efficient functioning of agricultural operations and help meet the labor demands of the industry.

Agricultural Technicians

Agricultural technicians play a crucial role in the agricultural industry by providing technical support and expertise to enhance farm operations. They collect and analyze data, implement advanced technologies, perform field and laboratory work, maintain and repair equipment, support crop and livestock management, contribute to research and development, provide education and extension services, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Their work helps optimize farming practices, improve productivity, and promote sustainable agriculture. Agricultural technicians are instrumental in driving innovation and supporting farmers in adopting advanced techniques and technologies for efficient and successful agricultural production.

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Average Salary

The average annual salary for agricultural and food science technicians was around $42,960, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, it’s important to note that salaries can range significantly, with entry-level positions typically earning less and those with more experience or specialized knowledge earning higher salaries.

Job portal website where you can find Agricultural Laborer Jobs In USA

  1. Indeed (
  2. SimplyHired (
  3. AgHires (


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