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Africa Development Bank is hiring: Multiple Jobs Available in various locations for 2024

Africa Development Bank is hiring: Multiple Jobs Available in various locations for 2024

About Africa Development Bank

The African Development Bank Group or Banque Africaine de Dรฉveloppement, is a multilateral development finance institution headquartered in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, since September 2014. The AfDB is a financial provider to African governments and private companies investing in the regional member countries

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Why work at the African Development Bank

Working at the African Development Bank (AfDB) offers several compelling reasons:

Development Impact: The African Development Bank plays a crucial role in promoting economic development, reducing poverty, and fostering sustainable growth across Africa. By working at the AfDB, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of millions of people on the continent. You can contribute to projects and initiatives that drive positive change, create jobs, improve infrastructure, and enhance access to essential services.

Pan-African Focus: The AfDB focuses exclusively on Africa, allowing you to work on issues and challenges specific to the continent. This provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of Africa’s diverse countries and regions, addressing their unique needs and aspirations. You can work with African governments, regional organizations, and local communities to support inclusive and equitable development.

Professional Growth: The AfDB values the professional growth and development of its staff. It offers a range of training programs, learning opportunities, and career advancement prospects. Working at the AfDB provides access to a network of development professionals, mentors, and resources that can enhance your skills, knowledge, and expertise in various sectors, including infrastructure, finance, agriculture, energy, and social development.

Multidisciplinary Approach: The AfDB takes a multidisciplinary approach to development, focusing on areas such as infrastructure development, private sector engagement, governance, regional integration, and social inclusion. Working at the AfDB allows you to work across sectors, collaborate with experts from diverse backgrounds, and contribute to integrated and comprehensive solutions to Africa’s development challenges.

Partnerships and Collaboration: The AfDB works in partnership with governments, regional organizations, development agencies, and the private sector to achieve its goals. Working at the AfDB offers opportunities to engage in meaningful partnerships, leverage collective expertise, and foster collaboration at regional and international levels. You can work with stakeholders from various sectors to design and implement impactful projects and programs.

African Leadership and Ownership: The AfDB is an African-led institution, with an emphasis on African leadership and ownership of development processes. Working at the AfDB allows you to contribute to fostering African-led development solutions, promoting African voices and perspectives, and supporting the continent’s aspirations for self-reliance and sustainable development.

Dynamic Work Environment: The AfDB offers a dynamic and multicultural work environment, with staff from diverse backgrounds and expertise. You can collaborate with colleagues from different countries, cultures, and disciplines, fostering a rich and stimulating work environment. This diversity of perspectives and experiences enhances creativity, innovation, and the ability to tackle complex development challenges.

It’s important to note that specific experiences and benefits may vary depending on the specific role, location, and individual circumstances. It is advisable to research further, explore specific job opportunities, and consider how working at the African Development Bank aligns with your career goals, interests, and commitment to Africa’s development.

here is the list of Jobs Available at African Development Bank

Short Term Staff โ€“ Information Assistant Country Office: NigeriaGS 6/7Abuja, Nigeria13-Mar-202412-Apr-2024
Lead Strategy, Program Management Office and Enterprise Architecture (TCIS.0)PL2Abidjan, Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire13-Mar-202410-Apr-2024
Chief Planning and Administration (TCIS.0)PL3Abidjan, Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire13-Mar-202410-Apr-2024
Principal Environmental Safeguards & Compliance OfficerPL4Nairobi, Kenya; Accra, Ghana12-Mar-202411-Apr-2024
Senior Environmental & Social Safeguards & Compliance Officer, SNSCPL5Nairobi, Kenya; Tunis, Tunisia; Antananarivo, Madagascar12-Mar-202411-Apr-2024
Principal Legal Counsel, PGCL3PL4Abidjan, Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire11-Mar-202410-Apr-2024
Principal Social Safeguards & Compliance OfficerPL4Abuja, Nigeria11-Mar-202410-Apr-2024
Senior Legal Business Performance Officer, PGCLPL5Abidjan, Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire05-Mar-202404-Apr-2024
Senior Performance Management AssistantGS8Abidjan, Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire27-Feb-202426-Mar-2024
Senior Agricultural OfficerLP5Libreville, Gabon20-Feb-202420-Mar-2024
Principal Investment Officer / Renewable EnergyPL4Abidjan, Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire or Abuja, Nigeria19-Feb-202419-Mar-2024
Program Coordinator, Affirmative Finance Action for Women In Africa (AFAWA)PL2Abidjan, Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire19-Feb-202419-Mar-2024

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