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The Milken Motsepe AgriTech Prize 2022- Win 1000 000 USD

You can now apply for the Milken Motsepe AgriTech Competition.

The Milken Motsepe AgriTech Prize focuses on the first two Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations set 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by the year 2030). The Milken-Motsepe Prize in AgriTech is for new and novel solutions in the field of agriculture. The Milken-Motsepe AgriTech Prize has two competition rounds. The first one is the design round, where teams will send in their plans and business models. A panel of judges will choose about 25 deserving teams, who will obtain $10,000 and move onto the next round, the Finalist Round. In the Finalist Round, teams will work on and make their prototypes and oversee practical trials on small and medium African farms.

Competitors must develop an innovative technology that allows developments in the food structure or cycle, “from seed to sale”. It must address the first two Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. These two goals are “No Poverty” and “Zero Hunger”.

The teams that win will be awarded $1,000,000. The team that comes in second will win $300,000, and the team that comes third will win $150,000. The most creative use of 4IR is $100,000. The People’s Prize is $100,000. There are other benefits of the Milken-Motsepe AgriTech Prize, including gaining an online community, joining the certificate program and the alumni network.

Here are more details about the Milken Motsepe AgriTech Prize

Deadline is December 30, 2021

Country: OnlineFinancial coverage: Fully FundedDeadline: December 30, 2021

Eligibility Criteria :

Anyone with a worthy idea for the Milken Motsepe AgriTech Prize is eligible to apply. There are no specific requirements.

Benefits :

  • Help further the United Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty and Zero Hunger.
  • Develop a business plan and prototype in AgriTech.
  • Be able to win up to $1,000,000.
  • Gain an online community, join the certificate program and the alumni network.

Other details :

The timeline for the Milken Motsepe AgriTech Prize is:

  • April 2021: Registration opens
  • December 2021: Design Round submissions are due
  • February 2022: Round Design prizes are awarded
  • August 2022: Team Summit and Investor Showcase
  • April 2023: Finalist Round prizes are awarded


December 30, 2021

Apply Today

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